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Build a Coordinated and Unified Defense

The joint solution from McAfee and Phantom reduces complexity and improves operational efficiency through integrated, adaptive, and orchestrated intelligence and response. It helps security teams work smarter by automating repetitive tasks.

Enhanced Network Traffic Analysis for McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

The integration of SS8 with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager enables you to quickly discover sophisticated long-tail attacks and investigate breach behavior with pinpoint accuracy, down to specific devices of interest.

Infoblox and McAfee for Unified Security

The integrated solution from Infoblox and McAfee provides visibility into DNS and web traffic, plugs the DNS security gap in organizations, and automates data sharing between Infoblox DNS, DHCP, IPAM, (DDI) and McAfee product suites.

Integrated McAfee and Cisco Fabrics Demolish Enterprise Boundaries

Cisco and McAfee have interconnected their platforms and ecosystems for comprehensive visibility, threat context sharing, and real-time security orchestration based on policies. DXL threat intelligence fabric now interoperates with pxGrid, Cisco’s open security information grid, to share contextual information and execute threat mitigation actions among any application connected to either fabric.

Integrating SIEM into Your Threat Hunting Strategy

The smart use of an intelligent SIEM is the key to managing the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of threat hunting. In today's threatscape we cannot ignore any of the three. Effective integration of SIEM as the hub and an arsenal of threat investigation tools as the spokes is critical to gaining enhanced visibility of the hazards coming down the road.

Protect the Endpoint’s Vulnerability to Uncatalogued Malware

McAfee and ACS bring you two cybersecurity solutions to stop zero-day keyloggers from capturing credentials to advance an attack and a multifactor, out-of-band authentication solution that prevents data theft by man-in-the middle attacks.

SIA Solution Brief: Interset

User and entity behavior analytics from Interset consumes the contextual data and rich security events collected in real time by McAfee Enterprise Security Manager.

Gaining Advanced Analytic Insights into Your Network Solution Brief

Leveraging the power of SAS Cybersecurity with the integrative capabilities of DXL from McAfee, organizations gain a new security perspective on the devices connecting to their networks and stay one step ahead of emerging threats.

Protecting the Private Cloud with Integrated and Automated Security

Enterprises have evolved their data centers to include private clouds, and are now challenged to secure these environments. Breaches in these highly virtualized environments are difficult to detect and can go unnoticed far too long. Advanced analysis capabilities are needed to effectively improve detection of sophisticated advanced attacks within a private cloud. This technical whitepaper explains how.

Questions to Ask Your Cloud Service Provider

These suggested questions should help in your process of identifying, evaluating, selecting, and working with CSPs.