McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine

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Sophisticated, dedicated threat detection based on risk and real-time data

Deploy McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager to identify and score threat events in real time, using both rule- and risk-based logic.

Real-time tracking and alerting

Receive notifications if specific users, groups, applications, servers, or subnets are threatened.

Performance where you need it

Get the processing power required to support rich event correlation across your entire enterprise by leveraging a data engine that scales to accommodate even the largest networks.

Simplified deployment

Streamline event correlation and startup. McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine does not require rule updates or signature tuning.

Historical threat analysis

Use audit trails and historical replays to support forensics, compliance, and rule tuning. Keep a complete audit trail of risk scores to analyze threat conditions over time.

Find threats that defy rules-based detection

Real-time and historical threat detection

Get zero-day threat detection. Analyze events for immediate threat and risk detection to determine if your organization was exposed to a specific attack.

Rule-based event correlation

Correlate all logs, events, and network flows together—along with contextual information such as identity, roles, vulnerabilities, and more—to detect patterns indicative of a larger threat.

Risk score correlation without rules

In rule-less correlation systems, detection signatures are replaced with a simple, one-time configuration, providing real-time threat detection.

A Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

A Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

McAfee is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM for the seventh year in a row.

System requirements

McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine can be deployed as a physical or virtual appliance. Specific McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine models require McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM). McAfee SIEM appliance specifications and descriptions are provided for information only, subject to change without notice, and provided without warranty of any kind, expressed, or implied.

Model Numbers Appliance Size Local Storage1 CPU Cores System Requirements
ACE-VM-12 VM Recommended 250GB+480GB SSD2 12 VM (AWS, ESX, KVM), 4GB of memory
ACE-VM-32 VM Recommended 500GB+480GB SSD2 32 VM (AWS, ESX, KVM), 64GB of memory
ACE-2650 2U 12 TB 18 Requires ESM or ETM
ACE-4700 2U 5.6 TB SSD 28 Requires ESM or ETM

1Usable event and flow data storage capacity will vary by customer event types, event rates, software version, and other factors.
2Minimum 50K IOPS for SSD; additional storage should be a minimum of 100 IOPS.

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McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine

McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine identifies and scores threat events in real time using both rule- and risk-based logic.

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This remains the top SIEM available.
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McAfee’s integrated approach enabled efficient, accurate detection and analysis of threats from all vectors.

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