Comprehensive Threat Protection

Find, freeze, and fix advanced threats and targeted attacks


Speed incident detection and response

You need defenses that act without delays, moving from encounter to containment in milliseconds, not months. The Security Connected platform shares and learns from data to deliver contextualized threat intelligence, analytics, and centralized security management. It knits together endpoints, network, and the cloud for the only comprehensive, automated approach to find, freeze, and fix advanced threats—fast.

  • Find—Supercharge threat protection by layering solutions that share threat intelligence, thwart malicious code, and leverage dynamic and static analysis, including sandboxing.
  • Freeze—Automate intervention. Immediately shut down command and control communications, quarantine compromised systems, and block communication with infected hosts.
  • Fix—Event data and threat intelligence flows into our SIEM solution so incident responders can view the threat landscape, and quickly outline the attack scope, impact, and best remediation.
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A better defense against advanced threats

Improve protection against phishing

Stop phishing attacks with email anti-malware scanning that detects changes in URL intent between when a message is received and the user clicks a link. Enable email malware analysis with McAfee Email Gateway and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense integration.

Layer malware analytics to balance security and performance

Block attacks using a system of hardware-enhanced security, antivirus signatures, reputation, real-time emulation defenses, in-depth static code, and dynamic malware analysis (sandboxing).

Use every available data source to drive defenses

Leverage local, global, third-party (such as indicators of compromise (IoCs) and VirusTotal), and manually entered threat intelligence to direct the actions of endpoints and network systems.

Link endpoints and network to detect unusual activity

Identify suspicious activity that could show compromised systems within the network being used in botnets or advanced persistent threats, and block abnormal application traffic attempting to disguise stolen data as approved application traffic.

Create actionable intelligence to shorten response time

See the enterprise-wide context surrounding an event, leveraging event and forensic information from threat intelligence to guide response. Correlate and prioritize big security data to facilitate mitigation, remediation, and reconstruction of attacks.

Advanced targeted attacks: It takes a system

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Endpoint & Server Security

Restrict applications that can run on your endpoints, prevent unauthorized system changes, stop viruses and malware that could be introduced by portable storage devices and the web, and secure critical servers from attacks.

Web Security

Monitor web traffic for malicious content and known bad URLs, and leverage deep analysis that reveals the malware’s final intent.

Network Security

Protect networks with multiple intelligence-aware security controls to gain a real-time understanding of internal and external threats. Receive unknown malware samples from endpoints, gateways, and dissect them using dynamic sandboxing and static code analysis. Powerful malware detection techniques identify and block threats travelling over the network, and forensic dashboards reduce the expertise and time required to understand and act on events.

Security Management

Unify management of endpoint, network, and data security. SIEM solutions collect and correlate event, behavior, and alert information from multiple sources, delivering a full depiction of the attack.