Managing the New Perimeter

Protecting your data wherever it exists


Manage security & risk

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Proactive risk management

Building an impenetrable IT environment was always a challenge, even when there were predefined boundaries. But now that computing has no boundaries, and your systems likely include a mix of personal and business data, the task is even more formidable. Risk management solutions from McAfee focus on applications and data that must be protected. Optimize the security of your endpoints and mobile devices, prevent data loss, and leverage strong inbound and outbound filtering of email and web traffic to improve your network security.

Stronger data protection with a stronger network perimeter

Protect against all inbound threats

Identify and block incoming spam with over 99% accuracy while protecting against viruses, malware, phishing, denial of service, bounce-back attacks, zero-day threats, and spam surges.

Simplify and improve protection

Automatically protect data, identify and control critical data, safeguard information sent to third parties, secure your enterprise from the risk of data loss, and prove compliance with less effort.

Protect data on all devices

Safeguard data on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and removable media. Secure a broad range of information, including customer data, intellectual property, legal and financial records, and employee records.

Reduce your attack surface area

Stop the latest threats and eliminate unwanted traffic with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence.

Get reliable, real-time protection

Block unwanted and risky applications, and prioritize critical traffic. Use real-time, protocol-based rate limiting to apply application, protocol-type, and port-based bandwidth controls.

Continuous diagnostics & mitigation

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Data Protection

Implement strong encryption, authentication, data loss prevention, and policy-driven security controls.

Web Security

Protect inbound and outbound web traffic.

Endpoint Protection

Monitor and block unwanted activity on your systems.

Network Security

Block attacks in real time, before they can cause damage, and protect every network-connected device.

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The McAfee Foundstone professional services team provides hands-on assessments of your IT environment that pinpoint sensitive data, and develop programs that strengthen incident response.