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How to Protect Yourself From Social Media Harassment
Some conversations on social media can get … heated. Some can cross the line into harassment. Or...
Internet Security
5 Things About Doxing You Should Know
Doxing can be harmful to one’s reputation and can cost someone their job, their friends, or their...
Internet Security
No, Taylor Swift Won’t Send You a Free Dutch Oven — The New AI Cloning Scam
Taylor Swift wants plenty of good things for her fans — but a free Dutch oven isn’t...
Internet Security
6 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024 – Staying Ahead of the Latest Hacks and Attacks
AI and major elections, deepfakes and the Olympics — they all feature prominently in our cybersecurity predictions...
Family Safety
How to Raise Responsible Digital Citizens
‘So, what is the ultimate goal of all of our parenting?’ When I asked this question to...
Family Safety
10 Back-to-School Tech Tips for Kids, Teens and College Students
Farewell, summer. Hello, back-to-school season! While the chill may not be in the air yet, parents may...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How To Improve Your Online Security
With the number of cyber threats and breaches dominating the headlines, it can seem like a Herculean...
Family Safety
Instagram Safety for Kids: Protecting Privacy and Avoiding Risks
Every social network offers both fun and risk to kids, but Instagram’s photo and video-driven platform makes...
Family Safety
Is My Child Being Cyberbullied Or Is It Just Banter?
If you were to ask me what I consider to be the most attractive attribute in a...
Family Safety
How to Protect Your Family’s Privacy on Twitter: A Guide for Parents and Kids
While Twitter use by teens has dropped overall, plenty of kids still flock to the popular network....
Family Safety
Protect the Whole Family with McAfee+ Ultimate Family Plan
Dozens of content creators center their channels on highlighting the differences between today’s most prominent generations: the...
Internet Security
Safer Internet Day: Through a Parent’s Eyes
Safer Internet Day celebrates its 20th year on February 7th and focuses on ways we can all...
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