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As Senior Product Marketing Manager for McAfee Advanced Threat Defense, Anne Aarness is responsible for all go-to-market strategies for the product. With nearly 20 years of experience in the high tech industry, Anne has focused on security solutions for the past 10 years. Anne joined McAfee through the acquisition of Secure Computing in 2008, where she held product marketing roles for web security solutions.

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McAfee Advanced Threat Defense Expands Threat Vector Coverage to Email Attachments

Email remains the most highly exploited attack vector. Two email threats—business email compromises (BECs) and ransomware—are rapidly gaining ground lately and deserve everyone’s attention. BECs are a sophisticated new form of phishing that leverage social engineering and email account credential theft. Ransomware is another insidious email-borne threat that has ramped ...

Security Operations

For Three Years Running, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense Places in Radicati’s Top Players Quadrant for APT Protection

In this year’s Radicati APT Protection—Market Quadrant, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense attained a position in the Top Players quadrant for the third year running. The Radicati report assesses advanced persistent threat (APT) solutions from major security vendors and places them in its quadrant based on the depth and breadth of ...

Security Operations

How to Gain a Competitive Advantage with an Integrated Approach to Security

Simply adding an advanced threat analysis technology to your security stack can expand detection and solve some immediate security issues. But thinking beyond standalone detection to an integrated ecosystem can not only improve detection and protection throughout your organization, it can also enhance your business by optimizing security operations response ...


A Thief’s Perspective #3: Stealthy Attack Methods

Understanding the attack methods and techniques of bad guys provides valuable insights that can help you refine your security posture. This five-part blog series looks at attacks from a thief’s perspective and shows you how the latest security technologies can block them. Breaking Bad Code: Exposing the Walter White of ...

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