Cagla Ruacan

Head of Product GTM Strategy and Insights

Cagla has spent the last decade in cybersecurity with a passion for making privacy, identity, and device protection available for everyone so they can live their online lives safely and confidently. She currently leads a global organization responsible for the go-to-market and market research for a portfolio of consumer security products and services. Cagla was born and raised in Turkey and moved to the United States for her MBA and has called the San Francisco Bay Area, California, her home for over 20 years. Outside of work, she is a yoga trainer and a mother of two.

Articles by Author

Internet Security
How to Protect Your Personal Data
All your online activity creates a trail of data. And that data tells a story. The story...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Close Online Accounts for Savings and Security
How many online accounts do you have? Dozens? Hundreds? You probably have more than you think, and...
Family Safety
Protecting Your Parents from Scams with Our New Family Plans
As people get into their 70s, they stand to lose more to fraud than any other age...
Family Safety
McAfee+ Family Plans: The Right Protection for the Right People—Your People
Knowing the whole family is protected online is a great feeling—that they’re safe from online scams, inappropriate...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How much of your personal info is available online? A simple search could show you plenty.
What you paid for your home, who lives there with you, your age, your children, your driving...
Internet Security
McAfee Secure VPN: Now with WireGuard for Faster Speeds and Enhanced Stability
McAfee’s Secure VPN now supports the WireGuard protocol, which gives you faster connection speeds plus enhanced stability...
Internet Security
Credit Lock and Credit Freeze: Which Service Is Best for You? Both!
Are you hoping to buy a house or apply for a car, personal, or business loan at...
Privacy & Identity Protection
All-New Ransomware Coverage Opens Up the Path to Recovery
Our all-new ransomware coverage is now available, ready to help just in case—all backed by expert advice...
Internet Security
Steer Clear of the “Pay Yourself Scam” That’s Targeting Online Bank Accounts
An old banking scam has a new look. And it’s making the rounds again.  Recently Bank of...
Internet Security
The Feeling of Safety with McAfee+
Safety has a feeling all its own, and that’s what’s at the heart of McAfee+.  We created...

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