Candace Worley is Vice President and Chief Technical Strategist for McAfee. She manages a worldwide team of Technical Strategists responsible for driving thought leadership and advancing technical innovation in McAfee security solutions.
Prior to this role, Candace served as Vice President for Enterprise Solutions for the Intel Security Group at Intel Corporation. She had worldwide responsibility for all facets of product and vertical marketing for the complete corporate products solutions set.
Worley joined McAfee in 2000 and has held a number of technology leadership positions in her McAfee career including, five and a half years as the SVP and General Manager of the Enterprise Endpoint Security business. Prior to joining McAfee in 2000, she spent seven years with Mentor Graphics, where she led a team of product managers responsible for electronic design automation and electronic component software.
Worley holds a bachelor's degree in management from Oregon State University and an MBA degree from Marylhurst University.

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Executive Perspectives

Expanding Our Vision to Expand the Cybersecurity Workforce

I recently had the opportunity to testify before Congress on how the United States can grow and diversify the cyber talent pipeline. It’s great that members of Congress have this issue on their radar, but at the same time, it’s concerning that we’re still having these discussions. A recent (ISC) ...

Executive Perspectives

Why AI Innovation Must Reflect Our Values in Its Infancy

In my last blog, I explained that while AI possesses the mechanics of humanness, we need to train the technology to make the leap from mimicking humanness with logic, rational and analytics to emulating humanness with common sense. If we evolve AI to make this leap the impact will be ...

Executive Perspectives

I am an AI Neophyte

I am an Artificial Intelligence (AI) neophyte. I’m not a data scientist or a computer scientist or even a mathematician. But I am fascinated by AI’s possibilities, enamored with its promise and at times terrified of its potential consequences. I have the good fortune to work in the company of ...


What are your employees doing over Labor Day? Are they putting your company at risk?

Ah –  Labor Day weekend, that blissful time of travel, BBQs, discovery, relaxation, and hunting for a Wi-Fi connection so that you can check your work email. While it may be good for the company that employees are staying connected, if they are not practicing safe connections they may be ...

Executive Perspectives

Rising to the Occasion as the New McAfee

As a new standalone company, there’s great opportunity in front of us to recapture our identity. And since our identity lies at the core of everything we do and all our interactions, this opportunity is going to help us reinvigorate both our employee and customer base. More importantly, it’s allowing ...


Incentives Drive Results

The Challenges of Misaligned Incentives in Cybersecurity Cybercriminals are encouraged by their results, stealing money, breaking services, or gaining notoriety, and can quickly change tactics that are ineffective. But what encourages a cybersecurity team to do their best? Maybe more important, what discourages them? To understand more about this, we ...

Cloud Security

It’s a Quarter-past Cloud, Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Cloud adoption is not something in our future—it’s today’s reality. Recently, McAfee, like many other enterprise organizations, implemented a “cloud first” policy. That is, we prioritize on cloud-focused architectures for our solution development and business to ensure we meet the scalability and agility requirements of both the public cloud and ...

Cloud Security

Software-Defined Data Centers Require Software-Defined Security

If you are like most organizations, the majority of your apps have been virtualized but are still running in your own data center[1]. IT has been busy renovating the data center to take advantage of the increased agility and reduced operating costs of a private cloud. You may have virtualized ...

Enterprise Executive Perspectives

Dynamic Endpoint – some things are simply better together!

I like chocolate but I don’t seek it out. Peanut butter – I can take it or leave it. But put them together and now you’ve got my attention. Some things are better together. That doesn’t mean they aren’t perfectly good by themselves. It just means that combined, they provide ...

Executive Perspectives

Cybersecurity and Me

I keep the things people care about safe. Their bank accounts, their private data, their social media accounts, their children, spouses, grandparents, employees and their company secrets. I didn’t set out to work in cybersecurity. But given what I’ve learned about the business, its people and their sense of mission, ...

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