Christiaan Beek is the Lead Scientist & Sr. Principal Engineer of the Enterprise Office of the CTO. He is leading the strategic threat intelligence research with a focus on inventing new technology, research techniques and models. Visionary and serving leadership is at the core of his day-to-day job, getting the best out of people and collaborate to make the (cyber) world safer and a better place.

In previous roles, Beek was Director of Threat Intelligence in McAfee Labs and Director of Incident Response and Forensics at Foundstone, McAfee’s forensic services arm. At Foundstone, he led a team of forensic specialists in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa during major breaches.

Beek develops threat intelligence strategy, designs and envision threat intelligence systems and new research techniques. Christiaan speaks regularly at conferences, including BlackHat, RSA, BlueHat and Botconf. Besides contributed to the best-selling security book "Hacking Exposed", he wrote a comic book about Ransomware, is a contributor to the MITRE ATT&CK framework and holds multiple patents.

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A Dummies Guide to ‘Insider Trading’ via Botnet

This post, the first of two parts, was written by Raj Samani, Christiaan Beek, and Shane Shook.  Want to spread...

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CryptoWall V3 and V4 Protection for McAfee Customers

Updated, November 6:  Since October 30, the release date of the Cyber Threat Alliance report on CryptoWall Version 3, we...

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Ransomware: an Insight to Financial Gain

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Ease of Buying Ransomware Fuels Affiliate Program

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Stolen Credit Card Numbers Easy to Buy Online

We have seen an increasing amount of articles published about the “Dark Web,” underground cybercriminal sites that are hosted on...

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The Rise of Backdoor-FCKQ (CTB-Locker)

By Raj Samani (@Raj_Samani) and Christiaan Beek (@ChristiaanBeek) In the McAfee Labs Threats Report published in November 2014, Senior Vice...

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At McAfee, Protecting Customers Takes Precedence Over Seeking Headlines

One question I often hear is “When will McAfee publish a report on the latest threat?” It seems to be...

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Iranian Keylogger Marmoolak Enters via Backdoor

Targeted attacks have several stages, sometimes called the APT kill chain. At McAfee Labs we prefer the model described by...

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iDroid Bot for Sale Taps Into Mobile Wallets

During recent weeks we’ve seen a new botnet kit advertised in several Russian forums. The iDroidbot costs US$1,500 and targets...

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Zbot Botnet Steals Thousands of Credentials

In McAfee Labs we keep a close eye on the Zeus/Zbot/Gamover botnet malware that is responsible of thousands of samples...

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