Anindita Mishra is McAfee’s Cybermum in India. A Pune-based freelance writer, teacher and devoted mother of two- Anindita has always been a vocal advocate for issues tied to children's welfare and development. Like many Indian parents, Anindita wants to make sure that her children are safe wherever they go, in the real or virtual world. Her blogs are about internet safety and sharing her own experiences, insights and learnings to keep children and families safe online. You can follow Anindita on social media or email her at

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Stop Discarding Devices Frequently- It’s Risky for Mother Earth as Well As Your Cybersecurity

“Aunty, do you happen to have any waste paper at home? I need them for my Environment Day project,” chirped a bright little thing standing at my door early Sunday morning. “I am sure I have. What is your project this year?” “Oh! I want to emphasize on ‘Reduce. Reuse. ...


What Will You Do If You Find That Your Kids Are Sharing Their Troubles and Pains Online?

“Am I fat?” “I am so depressed. Please help! I have been scoring less, my parents don’t understand me… my brilliant siblings treat me with disdain… my girlfriend has broken up with me….” “Thanks! That’s why I feel a connect with you- you really get me (no one else does!) ...


On Mother’s Day, Show Your Love for Your Mom by Introducing Her to Helpful Apps

A mobile chat with my mother usually goes off like this: “Hello! Can you hear me! I am very busy so can’t talk much! I have a question.” “Umm OK but is your speaker on? Can you please speak a little softly?” “Yes, yes, OK… I know how to operate ...


Here’s a Codicil to Add to Your Will – Disposal of Your Digital Assets

Codicil to Add to your Will – Disposal of Your Digital Assets We were still in shock over the sudden demise of a dear family friend. But the bereaved family had no time for grieving. The gentleman had not left any will and no one had any clear idea about ...


On World Health Day, Give Your Children the Key to Good Digital Health

My morning walk route takes me past a school that usually has its assembly at 7:00 am. I catch glimpses of students praying, reading out the news, teachers giving talks and often stop to watch them do their morning drill. It’s an arresting sight – 500 kids in bright uniforms ...


Ghosts May Not Be Real but Trolls Are – Look Out for Social Media Trolls

The Cambridge Dictionary describes a troll as “an imaginary, either very large or very small creature in traditional Scandinavian stories, that has magical powers and lives in mountains or caves.” If you have read your fairy tales, you would know that trolls are generally grotesque creatures that stay away from ...


Let’s Discuss Cybersecurity as a Career Option This International Women’s Day

Even as I write this blog, the higher secondary board exams have started in schools across India and I send up a silent prayer for the thousands of nervous youngsters who are at the juxtaposition of a crucial time in their lives – the time when they have to take ...


What About a Heart-To-Heart Talk with Your Loved Ones This Valentine’s Day?

I was listening to the Valentine’s Day playlist of my friend when suddenly espied one of my favorites- Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and started humming the song. Remember it? If you need me call me No matter where you are No matter how far; Just call my name I’ll ...


Teach Kids The 4Rs Critical for Online Safety on Safer Internet Day

“What are you doing?” “Uploading pics of our school fest. And don’t peer over my shoulder, Aunty. I have already uploaded a few so check them out on your Instagram account.” I beat a hasty retreat and did as instructed. The photos brought out a smile- such fresh, innocent faces ...


STOP. Read T&Cs. Then Sign Up on Social Media

“Let’s start at the very beginning, A very good place to start; When you read, you begin with A-B-C, When you sign up on SM you begin by Reading T&Cs…” The start of a new year usually has a buoyant and positive feel, like you have been offered a new ...

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