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Anindita Mishra is McAfee’s Cybermum in India. A Pune-based freelance writer, teacher and devoted mother of two- Anindita has always been a vocal advocate for issues tied to children's welfare and development. Like many Indian parents, Anindita wants to make sure that her children are safe wherever they go, in the real or virtual world. Her blogs are about internet safety and sharing her own experiences, insights and learnings to keep children and families safe online. You can follow Anindita on social media or email her at

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Family Safety
Avoid Falling Prey to Online Shopping Bait This Festive Season
For a moment, I thought this crazy friend of mine had finally lost it. She was staring...
Family Safety
Be the Child On Children’s Day – Try Out Role Reversal To Build Better Bonds With Your Kids
November 14th is a day children in India keenly look forward to. Schools and neighbourhoods gear up...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Light a Lamp This Diwali To Dispel the Darkness of Digital Literacy
One of my favourite Indian festivals is Diwali and I have a sneaky feeling I may have...
Mobile Security
The Importance of Security Awareness in Our Connected Lifestyle
Not very long ago, people could be seen walking around waving their mobile phones in the air,...
McAfee News
Ileana D’Cruz Tops ‘McAfee Most Sensational Celebrity’ List for 2018
We Indians love our movies and actors and voraciously consume all Page 3 gossip tidbits on them....
Privacy & Identity Protection
Digital Literacy Decoded – Time to Reprise Our Roles as Digital Citizens
Celebrated every year on September 8, this year’s theme for International Literacy Day focused on “Literacy and...
Family Safety
Salute to Teachers – The Architects of Tomorrow’s Digital India
The digital whiteboards have long replaced the squeaky blackboards, while emails and text messages are replacing messages...
Family Safety
McAfee Survey: Parents Share Pictures of Their Kids Online, Despite Understanding the Risks Involved
As Birbal had once pointed out to Akbar, “There is only one pretty child in this world...
Family Safety
Are You a Screen-Obsessed Mom?
The modern mom is super-efficient; she manages the home, her profession, family, and a hundred other things...
Family Safety
Focus on Real Friends This Friendship Day
I walked into my niece’s room and found her busy making colourful bands. “What are these for?”...
Mobile Security
Are third party apps for you?
“What are third party apps?” asked my mother with a frown. “Wow Gran! You are becoming pretty...
Family Safety
Father’s Day Shout Out to All Dads – Time to Wear Your Cyberdad Cape
Whenever Father’s Day is near, I find myself thinking about the role of a father in the...
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