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Anindita Mishra is McAfee’s Cybermum in India. A Pune-based freelance writer, teacher and devoted mother of two- Anindita has always been a vocal advocate for issues tied to children's welfare and development. Like many Indian parents, Anindita wants to make sure that her children are safe wherever they go, in the real or virtual world. Her blogs are about internet safety and sharing her own experiences, insights and learnings to keep children and families safe online. You can follow Anindita on social media or email her at

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Mobile Security
10 Quick Tips to Mobile Security
Mobile security is a topic I return to again and again and why not? Considering the proliferation...
Family Safety
Dos And Don’ts Of Online Shopping
Let me begin with a confession. I am addicted to shopping. Nothing lifts off those blues faster...
Family Safety
STOP! Are You Forwarding Jokes Or Spams?
It is truly said that the world is growing smaller. And emails are one way which has...
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