Gary Davis was previously McAfee's Consumer Security Evangelist providing security education and advice to businesses and consumers.

He is a sought-after speaker on trends in digital security, appearing at conferences and events, as well as security and consumer lifestyle broadcast outlets and publications such as ABC, NBC, FOX, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Money Magazine, CNN, Forbes, TIME Magazine and others.

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Consumer Threat Notices

You’ve Got Mail — But it Might be a ‘Spoof’

As Internet users everywhere are on heightened alert following the discovery of the password-compromising Heartbleed bug earlier this month, it appears as though some web surfers just can’t catch a break. This weekend, news of a potential AOL Mail breach came to light, with users airing their frustrations on Twitter ...

Consumer Threat Notices

How Online Casinos Help Hackers Keep Illegal Loot

In Martin Scorsese’s 1995 film, “Casino,” Robert DeNiro’s character is charged with operating a 1970’s Las Vegas casino for the Chicago mafia. He and his partner in crime (played by Joe Pesci), shake down the strip, skimming millions in casino earnings. The story ends in disaster for the pair—but the ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Changing Passwords in a Post Heartbleed Bug World

From a home security standpoint, the main gatekeeper is the house key. It’s small, portable and fairly adept at keeping out most would-be thieves. But the key does have a few things going against it: it can easily be stolen, lost or replicated; a talented lock picker can bypass it; ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Five-Year-Old Boy Hacks His Xbox One

For most five year-olds, rule breaking usually consists of jumping in puddles and staying up past bedtime. Not so, for Kristoffer Von Hassel, the son of San Diego security researcher Robert Davies. You see, young Von Hassel managed to discover a major security flaw in the Xbox One gaming console ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Your Identity Takes Flight With Angry Birds’ Data Sharing Policies

Back in the heyday before the Internet, and even before the telephone, there was one somewhat-reliable way of spreading information far and fast: the carrier pigeon. These modern-day sky-rats were capable of delivering messages up to 100 miles away and returning to their roost in a single day. Yet they ...

Consumer Threat Notices

The Drone that can Fly and Spy on Your Smartphone

For many, the notion of a flying drone conjures an image of an unmanned airborne military surveillance machine, or a high-flying courier sent to deliver your latest Amazon purchase. As a developing technology, the threat of drones being used for cybercriminal sabotage (especially on civilians, such as you and I) ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Google Docs Phishing Campaign is Frighteningly Accurate

Gmail users beware: a very convincing, very deceitful, phishing scam has been making its way around the Internet. The scam targets Google Doc and Google Drive users with a lookalike login page designed to steal your username and password. With 425 million active monthly Gmail users, these “phishermen” have cast ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Netflix Phishing Scam Lures Users Into Calling Fake Tech Support

A group of scammers seem to have taken to heart the lesson bequeathed to us by Three Dog Night in the summer of ’69: that yes, one is the loneliest number. This newly unleashed attack uses not one but multiple tactics to dupe unsuspecting victims by pairing a phishing attack—where ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Chameleon: the Wi-Fi Virus That Hides in Plain Sight and Spreads Like a Cold

Recently, a group of researchers at the University of Liverpool successfully tested a new virus with a terrifying potential. It doesn’t spread by the usual means, but this new infection has all the markings of a communally spread illness. The virus, dubbed “Chameleon,” infects Wi-Fi networks in densely populated areas ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Apple, SSL, and the Importance of Updating Your Software

Before we begin: please take a minute to update all of your iOS devices to the latest iOS version, iOS 7.0.6. Do that now. It takes five minutes. I’ll wait. Done? Good. Here’s why you needed that update: Apple’s iOS and OSX operating systems, the software that makes your iPhone ...

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