Gary Davis was previously McAfee's Consumer Security Evangelist providing security education and advice to businesses and consumers.

He is a sought-after speaker on trends in digital security, appearing at conferences and events, as well as security and consumer lifestyle broadcast outlets and publications such as ABC, NBC, FOX, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Money Magazine, CNN, Forbes, TIME Magazine and others.

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Mobile Myths: Can My Apple Devices Get Hacked?

“I bought a Mac, because it’s safer than a PC.” “I always surf the web with my iPhone, because I know it can’t get infected.” “I got a virus on my first PC, so now I only use Apple products.” Sound familiar? Too often, the rhetoric around the Mac vs. ...

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Love, Relationships, and #SextRegret: It’s Time to Take Back the Web

What would you do if someone threatened to post risqué photos of you on the Internet? According to a new McAfee survey, 68.7% of us have used a smartphone to send personal or intimate text messages, emails, or photos – a habit that could put your privacy (and even your ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Malware Disguised as Java Update: Careful What You Download!

All too often, cyber attacks are crimes of opportunity. This was exactly the case when late last week, hackers created a fake website to fool users into downloading a virus instead of the latest version of Java. As many of you read here in the blog, Oracle recently released a ...

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How to Protect Your Devices from a Fast Spreading Java Virus

Last week, a new security issue surfaced for a popular programming language known as Java. This Java security issue is classified as a zero-day threat, and it spreads malicious files to unprotected computers. A zero-day threat is an attack that exploits a previously unknown vulnerability in a computer application (in this case Java), ...

Consumer Threat Notices

A Look Back: Top 5 Security Trends of 2012

As we look back on 2012, it’s impossible not to recall the many high-profile breaches and cybersecurity incidents that took place this year. 2012 has certainly been a rocky one for online safety and consumer security as a whole, with numerous high-traffic websites breached and more malware and mobile threats ...

Consumer Threat Notices

W32/Autorun Worm: A Nasty Bug for Your Computer

What do you think of when you hear the word “malware”? Most people think of the general term “virus”–something that a hacker puts on your computer that disrupts activity or steals information. In reality, malware (malicious software) can encompass a variety of different hacker tools, and true viruses are just ...

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Hackers Gone Hipster: Are Tumblr and Instagram Users Still at Risk?

Two newsworthy vulnerabilities hit the stands this week, both of particular interest to many of our at-home users. Monday morning, an infectious Tumblr virus was found after it published offensive messages to a few high-profile blogs. On the same day, a new Instagram vulnerability was made public that could allow ...

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The Top 12 Scams Of Christmas To Watch Out For

McAfee Latest 2012 Holiday-Related Online Scams and Security Tips for Consumers The holidays are just around the corner and amid the hustle and bustle many of us will fire up our devices to go online, order gifts, plan travel and spread Offers cheer. But while we’re getting festive, the cybercriminals ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Hack the Vote: Pros and Cons of Electronic Voting

After 17 months and billions in campaign spending, it was up to the scores of American people who flooded churches, schools, homes and auditoriums to cast their ballots for the future of American leadership. But amidst the highs and lows of election night, there was an ongoing conversation on how ...


2012 Online Safety Survey – Majority Of Americans Do Not Feel Completely Safe Online

From tweens and teens to silver surfers, more people are jumping onto multiple Internet connected devices every day.  It’s very exciting to see the proliferation of information sharing and communication between people on these devices at any time. Since October is National Cyber Security Awareness month, it’s a good reminder ...

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