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MalBus: Popular South Korean Bus App Series in Google Play Found Dropping Malware After 5 Years of Development

McAfee’s Mobile Research team recently learned of a new malicious Android application masquerading as a plugin for a transportation application series developed by a South Korean developer. The series provides a range of information for each region of South Korea, such as bus stop locations, bus arrival times and so ...

McAfee Labs

Malware on Google Play Targets North Korean Defectors

Earlier this year, McAfee researchers predicted in the McAfee Mobile Threat Report that we expect the number of targeted attacks on mobile devices to increase due to their ubiquitous growth combined with the sophisticated tactics used by malware authors.

McAfee Labs

North Korean Defectors and Journalists Targeted Using Social Networks and KakaoTalk

Recently, South Korean media wrote about North Korean refugees and journalists being targeted by unknown actors using KakaoTalk (a popular chat app in South Korea) and other social network services (such as Facebook) to send links to install malware on victims’ devices. This method shows that attackers are always looking ...

McAfee Labs

Android Banking Trojan MoqHao Spreading via SMS Phishing in South Korea

Last month, a number of users started posting on South Korean sites screenshots of suspicious SMS messages phishing texts (also known as smishing) to lure them into clicking on shortened URLs. For example, the following message asks the user to click on the link to check if a private picture ...

McAfee Labs

Analysis of Chrysaor Keylogging Mechanism Shows Power of Simple Malicious Code

Many attacks on mobile devices use social engineering to initially infect a victim’s system. They download malware and elevate privileges by exploiting vulnerabilities. Mobile malware often uses persistence mechanisms to hide and monitor the victim’s behavior. Unlike personal computers, mobile devices are used more often by their owners, and carry ...

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