Judith Bitterli currently serves as Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing at McAfee. She is a passionate advocate for online security, family safety, and safeguarding our digital experiences. Judith has been in the security space for eight years and technology for over thirty years. She brings to her work a fundamental belief that online security is a basic human right in todays day and age. Outside of work she enjoys scuba diving, running, reading, and travel. She looks forward to the serendipity of travel and experiencing new cultures and people.

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Travaillez depuis votre domicile ? 5 astuces pour assurer votre sécurité

Selon OWL Labs, 52 % des employés travaillent à la maison au moins une fois par semaine. Aux Etats-Unis, 4,7 millions d’employés travaillent depuis chez eux plus de la moitié du temps, ce qui représente une augmentation de 173 % depuis 2005. Le télétravail : une nouvelle réalité  Il est évident que le télétravail ...


Stai lavorando da casa? 5 suggerimenti per la sicurezza

Secondo OWL Labs, il 52% dei dipendenti di aziende lavora da casa (in modalità WFH, Work From Home) almeno un giorno alla settimana. Negli Stati Uniti 4,7 milioni di dipendenti ora lavorano da casa per almeno metà dell’orario di lavoro e il numero di persone che lavorano da casa per ...


Working From Home? 5 Tips to Stay Secure

According to OWL Labs, 52% of the employees work from home (WFH) at least one day a week. In the U.S., 4.7 million employees now work from home more than half the time, with the work-from-home population growing by 173% since 2005. Working from home – a new reality  It’s ...


Celebrate International Women’s Day By Embracing a Career in Technology

This Sunday, we celebrate International Women’s Day, a global day for championing the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. This day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality. This lack of equality becomes very apparent when we examine the technology sector, where only 25% of ...


Wie sicher sind Video-Konferenzen?

Wie sicher sind Video-Konferenzen? Millionen von Menschen üben sich gerade weltweit in der Kunst des Social Distancing und erledigen ihre Arbeit von zu Hause aus. Dadurch sind Video-Konferenzen recht schnell zur neuen Norm geworden. Ob Sie nun an normalen Besprechungen im Berufsleben teilnehmen, sich eine virtuelle Auszeit mit Freunden gönnen ...

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Cybercriminal Speaks With Child via Hacked Smart Camera: How You Can Stay Protected

IoT devices enter our homes out of ease and convenience, as the gadgets often optimize or streamline ordinary tasks — such as notifying us who’s at the front door or providing us home surveillance at the touch of a button. And though these devices are helpful, they also provide cybercriminals ...

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