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Jyotsna Jain

Jyotsna Jain is a Security Researcher at McAfee Labs. She enjoys malware analysis and provides vogue detection on prevalent malware. Her hobbies include travel and reading books.

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McAfee Labs

Misuse of DocuSign Email Addresses Leads to Phishing Campaign

DocuSign, which provides electronic signatures and digital transaction management, reported that email addresses were stolen by an unknown party on May 15. Although the company confirmed that no personal information was shared, DocuSign has reported that a malicious third party gained temporary access to a separate, non-core system that allows it ...

McAfee Labs

Cerber Ransomware Evades Detection With Many Components

This blog was co-written by Sapna Juneja. Cerber is a quickly evolving type of malware called crypto-ransomware. Cerber encrypts files on an infected computer and demands a ransom to restore them. (Read more about Cerber in this post.) Cerber ransomware first appeared in early 2016 and remains hard to detect. ...

McAfee Labs

Ransomware Variant XTBL Another Example of Popular Malware

We have seen a huge increase in ransomware during the past couple of years. At McAfee Labs we have recently received a sample of the low-profile XTBL, a ransomware family that encrypts files and demands ransom from its victims to decrypt the files. Like other ransomware variants, XTBL propagates through a wide ...

McAfee Labs

Banload Trojan Targets Brazilians With Malware Downloads

McAfee Labs has recently encountered new variants of the Banload Trojan. Banload has been around since the last decade. This malware generally arrives on a victim’s system through a spam email containing an archived file or bundled software as an attachment. In a few cases, this malware may also be ...

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