Kapil Khade is a Security Researcher at McAfee Labs. He is enthusiastic about malware analysis and reverse engineering. His hobbies include listening to music and solving Sudoku.

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McAfee Labs

WebCobra Malware Uses Victims’ Computers to Mine Cryptocurrency

McAfee Labs researchers have discovered new Russian malware, dubbed WebCobra, which harnesses victims’ computing power to mine for cryptocurrencies.

McAfee Labs

Ransomware Variant XTBL Another Example of Popular Malware

We have seen a huge increase in ransomware during the past couple of years. At McAfee Labs we have recently received a sample of the low-profile XTBL, a ransomware family that encrypts files and demands ransom from its victims to decrypt the files. Like other ransomware variants, XTBL propagates through a wide ...

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