Lily Saleh

Senior Program Manager, McAfee Consumer Marketing

Lily Saleh has over 10 years of experience focusing heavily in cybersecurity. She is passionate about taking the complex cybersecurity world and simplifying it so consumers get the information they need to protect themselves for any threats. Outside of work, Lily enjoys swimming (she used to coach for over 7 years!), baking for friends and family, and traveling.

Articles by Author

Consumer Cyber Awareness
Social Engineering: Tis the Season for Tricky Hackers
With the holidays on the horizon, spirits are high—and it’s those same high spirits that hackers want...
Consumer Cyber Awareness
What Do Social Media Companies Know About You?
What do social media companies really know about you? It’s a fair question. And the quick answer...
Proteção de dispositivo e bloqueio de chamadas indesejadas.
Alguns golpes podem fazer um barulho revelador: trim, trim! Sim, são as temidas robocalls (ligações automáticas com...
モバイルデバイスセキュリティ:自動音声通話を防ぐための 5 つのステップ
数ある詐欺の中には、音を発するものがあります。そう、皆さんが恐れる自動音声通話 (ロボコール) です。自動音声通話は迷惑なだけではなく、詐欺の場合もあります。自分自身の身を守り、このような詐欺電話を撃退するために実行できることがあります。ここでご紹介する5つのヒントを参考にしてみてください。
5 útiles consejos para acabar con las robocalls y las estafas telefónicas
Algunas estafas suenan mal desde el principio: ¡rinnng, rinnng! Son las molestas llamadas robotizadas. No solo son...
Sicurezza del cellulare: 5 passi per difendersi dalle chiamate truffa
Alcune truffe sono anticipate da un suono: ring, ring! Sì, le temute telefonate automatiche. Non solo sono...
Mobile Security
Smartphone Security: Five Steps Beating and Blocking Robocalls
Some scams can make a telltale sound—rinnng, rinnng! Yup, the dreaded robocall. Not only are they annoying,...
Family Safety
Younger, But Not Savvier: 3 Cybersecurity Threats Plaguing Millennials
The popular notion that younger adults are far savvier when it comes to technology may face a...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Guide: Protecting Your Digital Identity
Protecting yourself from hackers and fraud means protecting your digital identity. And that can feel like a...
Mobile Security
Avoid Making Costly Mistakes with Your Mobile Payment Apps
P2P mobile payment apps could cost you a couple bucks or more if you’re not on the...
Evite errores costosos con sus apps para pagar con el móvil
Las apps de pagos móviles entre particulares pueden costarle un par de euros o incluso más si...
Évitez les erreurs qui peuvent coûter cher sur vos applications de paiement mobile
Les applications de paiement mobile en P2P pourraient vous coûter très cher si vous ne faites pas...
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