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Cloud Security

MVISION Cloud Helps Microsoft Customers Improve Compliance and Reduce Risk

While Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environments provide customers with choice and flexibility, they also potentially increase the organization’s surface...

Cloud Security

The Fastest Way to Extend DLP from Device to Cloud

The rise of cloud computing and bring-your-own device (BYOD) trends have expanded the traditional network perimeter to the point that...

Cloud Security

New Phishing Campaign Targets Office 365 Users—How You Can Stay Safe

As of April 2019, Microsoft boasted over 180 million monthly active Office 365 (O365) users and is adding 4 million...

Cloud Security

Cloud Market Share 2019: AWS vs Azure vs Google – Who’s Winning?

Cloud Market in 2019 and Predictions for 2022 Industry analyst firm Gartner predicts that the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) market will grow by 27.5%...

Cloud Security

CASB Magic Quadrant 2019 – McAfee a Leader for third consecutive year

McAfee MVISION Cloud was the first to market with a CASB product to address the need to secure corporate data...

Cloud Security

Containers Raise the Bar for Zero Trust Security

Containers Raise the Bar for Zero Trust Security The Zero Trust model first introduced by Forrester Research, works on an...

Cloud Security

Introducing MVISION Cloud Security Advisor

Cloud is by far the most profound technology transformation, as it represents an opportunity for enterprises to accelerate their businesses....

Cloud Security

Risk in Cloud Computing Infrastructure: IaaS Research Study

Data breaches in the cloud don’t look like the on-premises breaches we’re used to, where malware infiltrates the network and...

Cloud Security

McAfee MVISION Cloud and Azure Information Protection

What is Azure Information Protection? Azure Information Protection (AIP) allows organizations to classify and protect documents by applying sensitivity labels....

Cloud Security

Detecting and Preventing Insider Threats in the Cloud

As cloud use in the enterprise has evolved, so have cloud security priorities. Organizations are less worried about unauthorized consumer...

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