Natalie Maxfield

Director, McAfee Consumer Marketing

Natalie Maxfield has over twenty years in the technology sector with a focus in mobile security over the last decade. She is passionate about our mission to protect consumers in their everyday digital lives. As a busy working mom, she knows from experience that people rely on their mobile device more than ever to simply get life done and is fervent in her pursuit to empower them to do just that, carefree. When not pursuing the latest in mobile cybersecurity, Natalie enjoys personal fitness and spending time with her husband, three boys, and their three dogs.

Articles by Author

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How to Prepare for Your Child’s First Smartphone
Like taking off the training wheels and riding out into the neighborhood for the first time, a...
Tips & Tricks
Online Scam Awareness: Staying Safer in Uncertain Times
Online Scam Awareness: Staying Safer in Uncertain Times As we adjust to a changed world, bad actors...
Mobile Security
The Latest Mobile Scams & How To Stay Safe
If the challenges of working from home, connecting with family, and keeping on top of the news have you grabbing your phone more than...
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