Paul Zimski

Bringing more than 15 years of security industry experience, Paul Zimski leads the product marketing and solution strategy for McAfee’s Threat Intelligence Exchange as the Group Product Marketing Manager. Prior to his role at McAfee, Paul most recently served as the VP of Solution Marketing at Lumension as well as various strategic marketing and product management roles at Harris Corporation, and Finjan.

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Endpoint Security

Top Three Ways You Can Simplify and Automate Your Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response Capabilities

A new SANS 2018 Survey on Endpoint Protection and Response, co-sponsored by McAfee, reports that the top threats to organizations include web-based malware, social engineering and ransomware—all of which focus on user endpoints. So what does that mean when you are trying to protect an ever-changing attack surface?  The survey ...


McAfee Helps You Commit to the Cloud with Confidence

Hybrid environments—whether they are private clouds bridging to public clouds or traditional data centers bridging to public clouds—have become the de facto service architecture for most enterprises. We all want the agility, cost benefits, and competitive advantages associated with the hybrid cloud, but we often hit a wall when it ...

Security Operations

Stop Malware Dead in Its Tracks – 4 Steps to Detect & Eradicate Threats

Nineteen percent of advanced targeted attacks take weeks to discover. Fourteen percent take months to find. And, unfortunately two percent take several years to surface. With undetected attacks lurking around every corner, you need tools that can identify and eradicate threats fast. The State of Detection and Correction Unfortunately, even ...

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