Pravat Lall

VP, Consumer Cloud Segment

Pravat leads a global Channel Delivery & Success organization focused on driving business growth and customer success across Retail, OEM and ISP/Telco verticals. An executive and software professional with more than 27 years experience, Pravat’s expertise spans innovation, product and architecture for embedded systems tools, database tools and cyber security solutions. Pravat is passionate about comprehensive protection and is an advocate for consumer awareness and solutions for digital online security. For the last two decades Pravat has followed his passion in delivering cloud-enabled cybersecurity solutions for Consumer, Enterprise and SMB segments. In his spare time Pravat likes to enjoy spending time with family & friends; and playing outdoor games with his teenage sons. Pravat is an active member of American Mensa and loves a challenge to solve puzzles.

Articles by Author

Privacy & Identity Protection
Protect Your Digital Wellness: Don’t Post Your Vaccination Card Online
After much anticipation, you finally get a notification that you’re eligible to receive your COVID-19 vaccine. Upon getting your first...
Mobile Security
Attention Android Users: This Free VPN App Leaked the Data of 21 Million Users
VPNs (virtual private networks) are intended to create a secure tunnel between your device and the internet, offering you privacy...
Mobile Security
Millions Affected by Malware Attributed to Android Barcode-Scanning App 
With over 10 million downloads, the Barcode Scanner app provides users with a basic QR code reader and barcode generator,...
Mobile Security
Hang Up on Hackers: Protect Yourself from Mobile App Video Conferencing Vulnerabilities
Whether they're attending regular work meetings or catching up with extended family across the globe, many people leverage video conferencing to better...
App Android per codici a barre diffonde malware a milioni di utenti
La popolare app Barcode Scanner era utilizzata dai suoi 10 milioni di utenti come lettore QR e generatore di codici...
Un malware attribué à une application Android infecte des millions d’appareils
Téléchargée plus de 10 millions de fois, l'appli Barcode Scanner comprend un lecteur de code QR de base et un...
数百万人のユーザーが Android のバーコードをスキャンするアプリに起因するマルウェアの影響を受けている
ダウンロード数が 1,000 万回を超える Barcode Scanner アプリでは、基本的な QR コード リーダーの機能とバーコード生成機能が提供され、ネットでの購入や割引の利用などに役立っています
Milhões afetados por malware em leitor de código de barras Android
Com mais de 10 milhões de transferências, a aplicação Barcode Scanner é um leitor de código QR e gerador de...
Millones de personas afectadas por el malware del lector de códigos de barras de Android
: Con más de 10 millones de descargas, el lector de códigos de barras lee códigos QR y genera códigos...
Milhões de pessoas afetadas por malware no leitor de código de barras do Android
Com mais de 10 milhões de downloads, o Barcode Scanner oferece aos usuários um leitor de código QR e gerador...
Millones afectados por malware atribuido a app de lectura de código de barras de Android
Con más de 10 millones de descargas, Barcode Scanner es un lector de códigos QR y generador de códigos de...
Millionen Benutzer einer Barcode-Scan-App für Android von Malware betroffen
Die über 10 Millionen Mal heruntergeladene Barcode Scanner-App bietet einen einfachen QR-Code-Reader und Barcode-Generator, der beispielsweise für Einkäufe und Rabatteinlösungen...
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