Raj Samani is Chief Scientist and Fellow for the Enterprise business. He has assisted multiple law enforcement agencies in cybercrime cases and is a special advisor to the European Cybercrime Centre in The Hague. Samani has been recognized for his contribution to the computer security industry through numerous awards, including the Infosecurity Europe hall of Fame, Peter Szor award, and Intel Achievement Award, among others. He is the co-author of the book "Applied Cyber Security and the Smart Grid" and the "CSA Guide to Cloud Computing," as well as technical editor for numerous other publications.

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The Morning After: What Happens to Data Post-Breach?

This post first appeared on the security website Dark Reading. We need consumers and businesses to not simply shrug off...

Executive Perspectives

Is Cloud Security An Exaggerated Concern?

Research indicates the challenge has never been about security, but about transparency. The results are in: We have made zero...

McAfee Labs

A Future Beyond Mobile Devices; Trusting the Promises of Mobile World Congress

More than 100,000 people descended upon Mobile World Congress (MWC) last week to watch experts from around the world discuss...

McAfee Labs

Does Anyone Really Care About Mobile Security?

I’ve attended Mobile World Congress a number of times and it is fair to say the concept of the show...

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A Case of Mistaken Identity? The Role of BlackEnergy in Ukrainian Power Grid Disruption

Recent reports of electricity outages across the Ukraine has led to significant speculation regarding the specific malware that was used...

McAfee Labs

Updated BlackEnergy Trojan Grows More Powerful

In late December, a cyberattack caused a power outage in the Ukraine, plunging hundreds of thousands of citizens into darkness...

McAfee Labs

Blockchain Transactions Create Risks for Financial Services

This post was written by Raj Samani and Christiaan Beek of McAfee , and Shane D. Shook, PhD. Trust is...

McAfee Labs

A Dummies Guide to ‘Insider Trading’ via Botnet, Part 2

This post, the second of two parts, was written by Christiaan Beek, Raj Samani, and Shane Shook.  In our first post,...

McAfee Labs

A Dummies Guide to ‘Insider Trading’ via Botnet

This post, the first of two parts, was written by Raj Samani, Christiaan Beek, and Shane Shook.  Want to spread...

McAfee Enterprise Executive Perspectives

What Is Your Customer Data Worth?

How to make sense of the market for stolen information. Personal data about you, me, and, most importantly, your customers...

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