Raj Samani is Chief Scientist and Fellow for the Enterprise business. He has assisted multiple law enforcement agencies in cybercrime cases and is a special advisor to the European Cybercrime Centre in The Hague. Samani has been recognized for his contribution to the computer security industry through numerous awards, including the Infosecurity Europe hall of Fame, Peter Szor award, and Intel Achievement Award, among others. He is the co-author of the book "Applied Cyber Security and the Smart Grid" and the "CSA Guide to Cloud Computing," as well as technical editor for numerous other publications.

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Executive Perspectives

What Morpho Means: Why Hackers Target Intellectual Property And Business-Confidential Information

A quiet, professional cyberespionage group steals what every company wants to keep secret: valuable information that drives business. Welcome to...

McAfee Labs

Update on the Beebone Botnet Takedown

On April 8, the takedown operation for the polymorphic botnet known as Beebone successfully concluded. This action redirected traffic from...

McAfee Labs

Takedown Stops Polymorphic Botnet

Several global law enforcement agencies—with assistance from McAfee —this week successfully dismantled the “Beebone” botnet behind a polymorphic worm known...

Internet Security Privacy & Identity Protection

Hacking the Human OS: A Report on Social Engineering

Why are data breaches so commonplace?  Whether the attacks are against the energy sector as reported July 2014[i] with over...

McAfee Labs

The Rise of Backdoor-FCKQ (CTB-Locker)

By Raj Samani (@Raj_Samani) and Christiaan Beek (@ChristiaanBeek) In the McAfee Labs Threats Report published in November 2014, Senior Vice...

McAfee Enterprise

The role of private sector in combatting cybercrime

This week we announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) that combines...

McAfee Enterprise

3 key security challenges for the Internet of Things

What challenges pose the biggest threat to the Internet of Things? The Internet of Things (IoT) is already starting to...

McAfee Enterprise

4 hidden economic costs of cybercrime

There are many obvious and headline-grabbing costs of cybercrime. There are many obvious and headline-grabbing costs of cybercrime. In the...

McAfee Labs

Operation Dragonfly Imperils Industrial Protocol

Recent headlines (here and here) may have struck fear into those living near major energy installations due to references about...

McAfee Labs

GameOver Zeus/Cryptolocker: Am I Still Infected?

It has been two weeks since the announcement by multiple global law enforcement agencies regarding the takedown of the communications...

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