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Chief Technology Officer

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Steve Grobman sets the technical strategy and direction to create technologies that protect smart, connected computing devices and infrastructure worldwide. Grobman leads McAfee’s development of next generation cyber-defense and data science technologies, and threat and vulnerability research.

Prior to joining McAfee, he dedicated more than two decades to senior technical leadership positions related to cybersecurity at Intel Corporation where he was an Intel Fellow.

He has written numerous technical papers and books and holds 30 U.S. patents. He earned his bachelor's degree in computer science from North Carolina State University.

Articles by Author

McAfee Enterprise
Impact of Cybercrime: Why Cyber Espionage isn’t Just the Military’s Problem
In a technology-driven age, entrepreneurs, organizations, and nations succeed or fail in large part based on how...
Executive Perspectives
World Economic Forum Sets High Bar on Public-Private Cybersecurity Partnerships
This week’s World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland featured the launch of the World Economic Forum...
McAfee Enterprise
Out Innovating the Adversary, Part 2
My last post discussed the challenges of working to out-innovate our adversaries given the growing variety of objectives.
McAfee Enterprise
Out Innovating the Adversary, Part 1
Deep down, if I think about who I am, I’m a scientist who loves to solve problems. If you think...
McAfee Enterprise
Equifax: Rethinking Social Security Numbers as Identifiers, Part II
We need to view the Equifax breach as a catalyst moment for rethinking the way we handle identification for U.S....
McAfee Enterprise
Equifax: Rethinking Social Security Numbers as Identifiers, Part I
Revelations about compromised social security numbers at Equifax remind us that the US needs to modernize the identification standard.
Executive Perspectives
Why Human-Machine Teaming Will Lead to Better Security Outcomes
Artificial intelligence and machine learning have never been more prominent in the public forum. CBS’s 60 Minutes recently...
Executive Perspectives
WannaCry: The Old Worms and the New
The morning of Friday, May 12 multiple sources in Spain began reporting an outbreak of the ransomware...
Executive Perspectives
Defense Evolved: From Threat Intelligence, to Investigation, to Orchestration with DXL
In my last post, I discussed the attributes of our adversaries, the drivers behind their activities, and...
Executive Perspectives
Security, Time, and the Decline of Efficacy
This week at the FOCUS’16 conference in Las Vegas, I shared perspectives on today’s changing threat landscape,...
Executive Perspectives
The Cybersecurity Talent Deficit Goes Global
As a top national security conference convenes, a new international survey reveals the talent deficit is doing...
Executive Perspectives
The Machines Are Coming! The Machines Are Coming!
A revolution in human-machine teaming for security operations is at hand. Cybersecurity has two great resources that...
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