Steve Grobman

Steve Grobman is senior vice president and chief technology officer at McAfee. In this role, he sets the technical strategy and direction to create technologies that protect smart, connected computing devices and infrastructure worldwide. He leads McAfee’s development of next-generation cyberdefense and data science technologies, threat and vulnerability research, and internal CISO and IT organizations.

Prior to joining McAfee, he dedicated more than two decades to senior technical leadership positions related to cybersecurity at Intel Corporation, where he was an Intel Fellow.

He has written numerous technical papers and books and holds 27 U.S. patents. He earned his bachelor's degree in computer science from North Carolina State University.

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Equifax: Rethinking Social Security Numbers as Identifiers, Part I

Revelations about compromised social security numbers at Equifax remind us that the United States needs to modernize the national identification standard for its citizens. In 2017, it is unrealistic for a social security number (SSN) to be shared and distributed to many parties and stay confidential for the better part ...

Enterprise Executive Perspectives

Why Human-Machine Teaming Will Lead to Better Security Outcomes

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have never been more prominent in the public forum. CBS’s 60 Minutes recently featured a segment promising myriad benefits to humanity in fields ranging from medicine to manufacturing. World chess champion Garry Kasparov recently debuted a book on his historic chess game with IBM’s Deep ...

Enterprise McAfee Labs Executive Perspectives

WannaCry: The Old Worms and the New

The morning of Friday, May 12 multiple sources in Spain began reporting an outbreak of the ransomware now identified as WannaCry. Upon learning of these incidents, McAfee immediately began working to analyze samples of the ransomware and develop mitigation guidance and detection updates for its customers. By Friday afternoon, McAfee’s ...


WannaCry – über alte und neue Würmer

Am Morgen des 12. Mai, einem Freitag, meldeten mehrere Quellen in Spanien den Ausbruch einer Ransomware-Variante, die inzwischen als „WannaCry“ identifiziert wurde. Sofort nach dem Eingang dieser Informationen begann McAfee, die Ransomware-Exemplare zu analysieren, Hinweise zur Beseitigung auszuarbeiten und Erkennungs-Updates für unsere Kunden zu entwickeln. Am Freitagnachmittag war das McAfee Global ...

McAfee Labs Executive Perspectives Français

WannaCry : les vers d’hier font peau neuve

Le vendredi 12 mai en matinée, de nombreuses sources en Espagne ont été les premières à signaler l’apparition d’une vague d’attaques informatiques menées à l’aide du ransomware désormais identifié sous le nom de WannaCry. Dès que McAfee a été informé de ces incidents, notre équipe s’est immédiatement attelée à analyser des ...

Enterprise Español

Defensa Evolucionada: De Inteligencia de Amenazas a Investigación y Orquestación con DXL

En mi última publicación hablé sobre los atributos de nuestros adversarios, los motivos por detrás de sus actividades y las metodologías de ataque recientes. También hablé de la curva de eficacia de la defensa contra amenazas, que ilustra cómo disminuye la eficacia de las capacidades de ciberdefensa a lo largo ...

Enterprise Executive Perspectives

Defense Evolved: From Threat Intelligence, to Investigation, to Orchestration with DXL

In my last post, I discussed the attributes of our adversaries, the drivers behind their activities, and their recent attack methodologies. I also discussed the threat defense efficacy curve, which illustrates how cyber defense capabilities decline in efficacy over time as attackers develop countermeasures to evade them. My FOCUS 16 ...

Enterprise Executive Perspectives

Security, Time, and the Decline of Efficacy

This week at the FOCUS’16 conference in Las Vegas, I shared perspectives on today’s changing threat landscape, how we must re-think cyber defense technologies, and McAfee’s vision for thwarting the cyber-threats of tomorrow. In 2016, we saw significant cases of cyber activity from criminals, nation-states, and hacktivists. In each case, ...

Executive Perspectives

The Cybersecurity Talent Deficit Goes Global

I’m privileged to lead a group of McAfee leaders to the annual Aspen Security Forum this week. This event is among the most prestigious gatherings of its kind. Dozens of government leaders, tier one journalists, and private-sector companies like ours connect in Aspen each July to discuss the most pressing ...

Executive Perspectives

The Machines Are Coming! The Machines Are Coming!

A revolution in human-machine teaming for security operations is at hand. Cybersecurity has two great resources that work well together — experienced security ops personnel and learning machines. Machines can work at the speed of electrons and process enormous quantities of data, but they are challenged when dealing with unforeseen ...

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