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Terry Hicks

Terry Hicks is executive vice president of the consumer business group at McAfee. He is responsible for the development, delivery, sales and marketing of McAfee products to protect what matters to consumers worldwide.

Prior to McAfee, Hicks served as chief operating officer of Infusionsoft, where he led the transformation from scrappy startup to scalable growth company. He directly managed all functions as he translated the company's mission and vision into strategy and execution by building and developing a team passionate about delivering innovative products that help small businesses succeed.

Prior to Infusionsoft, Hicks spent 15 years in leadership roles at Intuit, where he led the growth of numerous businesses in the company’s small business ecosystem, including establishing the QuickBooks payments business and quadrupling the number of QuickBooks Online subscribers worldwide.

Outside of work, Hicks enjoys spending time with family and friends; exploring nature on foot, bicycle, or skis; advising entrepreneurs on identifying growth through solving big customer problems; and mentoring leaders to reach their potential and achieve success.

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