Tom Gann

Tom Gann is the Chief Public Policy Officer at McAfee. In this capacity, he manages the U.S. and international advocacy activities and partners with the public relations team to help position McAfee as an industry leader in capitals around the world. Prior to joining McAfee, Gann managed cyber security policy, government relations, alliances, product marketing, and sales functions at Intel, Sun Microsystems, Siebel Systems, and Digimarc. He started his career on Capitol Hill, working as a legislative director and chief of staff to Congressman Tom Campbell. Gann has an MS in Management from the London Business School and a BA, with distinction, from Stanford University.

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Securing the Social Security Number to Protect U.S. Citizens

With cyber criminals having more flexibility in funding and operations than ever before, U.S. citizens are vulnerable not only to breaches of security but also of privacy. In the United States, no article of personal information is meant to be more private or secure than the Social Security Number (SSN). ...


Insider Threats Deserve Attention, Solutions in Government: Report

As the persistence of insider threats remain a critical issue for government agencies to face. Security leaders like McAfee  have responded by prioritizing solutions that can mitigate insider threats in their pipeline. Government agencies have begun implementing policy changes that can help reduce the risk of an insider threat that ...

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