Vittorio Viarengo

Vittorio is currently McAfee's Interim CMO. He previously ran all aspects of marketing for the Cloud Business Unit at McAfee (built around the acquisition of Skyhigh Networks). Skyhigh (now MVISION Cloud) is the fastest growing product line for the company. Responsibilities include Thought Leadership, Product Marketing, Content, Sales Enablement, Demand Generation, Events, Social, Marketing Operations and Technical Partnerships. Consistently achieved #1 share of voice in cloud security. CASB Gartner Magic Quadrant leader 3 years in a row

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Oscars, schmoscars

The Grammys are ancient history. So are the Golden Globes. And Hollywood’s best and brightest have said their thanks to the Academy, been played off, and chauffeured home with golden trophies in hand and champagne toasts in the rearview mirror. And yet, the accolades continue. That is, they continue for ...

Cloud Security

Leading with Cloud Security, Empowering Enterprise Innovation

Call it ancient history—2012. When sanctioned apps ruled the day. Shadow IT lurked, well, in the shadows. And protecting the enterprise meant locking down the cloud. Then, true to the principles of Darwinian evolution, enterprises began to adapt to the new natural order. Let the record show, 97% of enterprises ...

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