Data Goes Supernova: Exploring Security at the Cloud Edge

By on Jan 27, 2020

Modern enterprises are fueled by data. The force of the cloud has been like gravity in a supernova, causing data to explode outward and disperse forever. No longer constrained by the network, the free flow of data to cloud service providers and a wide range of devices fragments visibility and control for enterprise security.

In our latest study on cloud adoption and risk, we traverse the paths of enterprise data as it disperses beyond the network perimeter. Through this research, which combines survey results from 1,000 enterprises in 11 countries and anonymized event data from 30 million enterprise cloud users, we are able to uncover the new areas of risk every enterprise must address in our cloud-first world.

To jump in now, download the full report here: Enterprise Supernova: The Data Dispersion Cloud Adoption and Risk Report.

In the report we evaluate three areas of context that together address the dispersion of data to the cloud:

  1. Cloud context: Data protection must understand the creation and flow of data within the cloud, through collaboration and inter-cloud sharing.

Twelve percent of files shared in the cloud contain sensitive data, an increase of 57% year over year.

  1. Device context: IT needs the ability to understand whether it is a personal device or one which they control accessing sensitive data. Data loss to personal, unmanaged devices cannot be remediated.

Only 41% of companies can control personal device access to their data in the cloud.

  1. Web context: The continuous expanse of cloud services is impossible to predict, requiring rules that manage access through web before reaching an unknown cloud destination.

C-Level IT leaders see the risk of “Shadow IT,” while manager-level decision makers are less likely to report risk to their data from unsanctioned applications.

This is just a preview of the findings in this study. For the full story, download the entire report here: Enterprise Supernova: The Data Dispersion Cloud Adoption and Risk Report.

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