20 High-Risk Cloud Apps Companies Aren’t Blocking

By on May 01, 2015

There are over 10,000 cloud services available today. At your company, you likely have some that are officially sanctioned, others that are tolerated, and others that are prohibited. While most IT departments have begun to embrace user-led cloud adoption and no longer attempt to block all unsanctioned cloud services, there is a set of cloud services that are too risky for most companies.

Fortunately, high-risk cloud services comprise just 5.9% of all services today. While small in numbers they can present a disproportionate amount of risk to the organization because they lack basic security controls, claim ownership of the information uploaded to them, or have experienced a breach. Since many of the riskiest cloud services are not well known by IT, companies are not blocking them, and when employees upload corporate data to these services it can expose the organization to unnecessary risk.

McAfee (formerly Skyhigh Networks) tracks the usage of over 10,000 cloud services and performs an objective risk assessment of each one. To help surface these often-ignored high-risk services, we’ve compiled the top high-risk services based on actual usage across 18 million users, and ranked them by user count and data volume uploaded to them. We found a cross section of different types of services. Some of them are file sharing services, some of them convert data into different formats, and some are social networks.

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Aside from new high-risk services that pop up that you’re not aware of, one of the challenges in blocking high-risk services is that cloud providers regularly introduce new URLs that you may not be blocking. In order to make it easier for our customers to update their firewalls and proxies, McAfee offers a direct ICAP integration with common egress infrastructure and regularly updates these URLs.

To discover the high-risk cloud services used at your organization, sign up for a free cloud audit today.

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