A Visionary CIO’s Approach to Cloud Enablement (Video)

By on Jan 31, 2014

Ever since Nicholas Carr famously asked “Does IT Matter?” over a decade ago, IT has been reflecting upon its role and, in some ways, reinventing itself. No longer does IT need to select, install and maintain the latest model server, which creates opportunities them to drive the business in other, often times, more strategic ways.

Brian Lillie, CIO of Equinix says, “We live in interesting times as IT professionals. We have the explosion of cloud, mobile, the consumerization of IT phenomenon that is taking a user-centric view of things, and then on top of that we have this trend of big data analytics”

“The approach CIOs have to take today is to embrace that and apply all of these technologies and trends to solve business problems,” says Lillie. “ You have to move away from always saying ‘No’, and move to ‘Yes’ and really ‘How?’”

Watch the video below where Brian shows how Equnix ‘s IT team drives cloud enablement to align their IT strategy with their business strategy.

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