Cloud Security as a Service for IT and Line of Business (LOB) Leaders

By on Feb 19, 2019

As a business grows, different security risks arise which demands for different solutions. What worked a year ago might not be the best approach this time around. One common challenge found between Information Technology (IT) and Line of Business leaders is having different goals as they relate to securing the cloud.

While LOB leads focus on balancing agility and security of their increasingly mobile workforce, Information Technology (IT) people – more specifically Information Security (IS) teams have a wider responsibility; to enforce a business-wide security policy for all people who access and use the network via the cloud.

Nowadays, IS leaders are challenged against the business environment of apps, mobility and the “always-on” nature of access to the network.

CISOs and IS leaders are clearly worried, as more people and apps move to the cloud. But they have no clear insight into the risks when accessing the network through the cloud. Making it a LOB problem isn’t viable either, as the LOB leadership may need to balance security against agility. Which is exactly why security feature sets benefit LOB Leaders.


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A security feature set, like McAfee MVISION Cloud for Microsoft 365, enables use of Microsoft’s signature productivity tools anywhere while meeting Office 365 security, compliance, and governance requirements.

Driven by your policy, it prevents special data from being accessed or stored in Office 365. McAfee’s content analytics engine scans data to discover even fragments of sensitive data that contains:

  • Key words and phrases that suggest some kind of sensitive or regulated information
  • Standard alphanumeric patterns (to reveal things like social security or credit card numbers)
  • Custom alphanumeric patterns (for things like your document catalogue numbers)
  • Dictionaries of industry-specific terms (like stock symbols)
  • File metadata such as filename, size or creation date
  • Fingerprints of unstructured files
  • Fingerprints of structured databases or other structured data files like documents

Information Technology (IT) deals with challenges like how to manage multiple cloud Office 365 accounts among ten or more groups of app users on a daily basis. As businesses get more used to the cloud, IS must start getting more comfortable with defining and enforcing security policies perhaps even automating the security of the cloud for all app users. They clearly need to do this without having an adverse effect on app users´ mobility and flexibility.

When a major security issue occurs, it can be extremely damaging to a company, and the business impact can range from being just problematic to absolutely catastrophic. We believe that cloud security is a shared responsibility between both IS and LOB leaders and that a security policy and enforcement solution can be used by IS and LOB people together to keep the cloud workforce secure at scale.

While the main goal of the IS team is to support emerging business, they’re also forced to deal with an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. IS leaders who have the most effective business support, risk management goals, and partners see the cloud as a cost-effective business enabler. The business needs to make sure their IS team is well-staffed, well-equipped and well-trained to offer this support against this backdrop.

Looking for a cloud security solution? At McAfee, we offer a range of purchase options to make subscribing to them easier. Our Office 365 cloud security option starts with automating the “audit” – providing a view of who is using what apps to access and move data around the cloud and network. This audit shows us who is accessing Office 365 files. And what they’re using to do so, sanctioned and unsanctioned.

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