*Cloudy* with a Chance of Containers!

By on Dec 06, 2019

*Cloudy* with a Chance of Containers!

By 2022 > 75% of enterprises will be running containerized workloads in production (May 2019, Gartner)

Unique Challenges of Container Security

1. Containers live in an Ecosystem: Containers are not deployed standalone within an enterprise. Container workloads are deployed as part of an architecture that may include: Public (AWS, Azure) and Private clouds (VMware) integrating with traditional workloads comprising of servers and VMs, while working with serverless components on the compute side. These enterprises may also be using IaaS and PaaS services such as S3 buckets or RDS. Container workloads therefore need to be secured as part of an enterprise ecosystem

2. Containers are Ephemeral – The average lifetime of a container is a few minutes. Containers are set up in a flash, tested, and then destroyed making it difficult to implement security policies

3. Vulnerabilities introduced by Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD): Containers are born and deployed in the developer pipeline continuously with no natural injection point for security policies

Beginner or experienced security practitioners, please join us for the launch webinar for MVISION Cloud for Container Security – the Industry’s Leading Integrated Cloud Security Platform for Container Security

When: December 12th 10AM PST |11 AM GMT | 11 AM SGT
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What: Learn more and watch a demo

Unified Cloud Security Platform: MVISION Cloud for comprehensive protection for IaaS, PaaS, and now Container infrastructure for Public and Private cloud environments
DevOps to DevSecOps: “Shift far left” Integrate Security into the DevOps process without slowing down developers
NanoSegmentation: Move from known bad to known good, so security policy can keep up with container lifecycles

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