McAfee Endpoint DLP is a critical defense for any organization looking to secure endpoint devices by helping to safeguard sensitive data and ensure compliance. It allows organizations to gain total control of data stored on employee’s managed devices, track user behavior, empower users with self-remediation actions, and gain broader threat protection with integrations with McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and Data Exchange Layer (DXL).

In this article and the accompanying video, we will explore the benefits of McAfee Endpoint DLP’s integration with McAfee Security Cloud (formerly Skyhigh Networks) to consistently enforce cloud-specific usage policies from a single platform. You will learn how to stay protected against sensitive files being shared with outside parties in both Office 365 and Box.

McAfee Security Cloud integrates with McAfee Endpoint DLP to extend the same set of policies from the device to the cloud to protect sensitive data. Customers who have deployed Endpoint DLP along with McAfee’s CASB can leverage existing DLP policies and make them cloud-aware.

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Key benefits include:

  • Seamlessly extend enterprise DLP policies to the cloud
  • Gain insights into sensitive data and systems-of-records both on device and in cloud
  • Enforce a consistent and unified set of DLP policies across all sensitive data
  • Utilize a single platform (McAfee ePO) for all incident management and reporting
  • Apply user-centric remediation to reduce SOC analyst overload. Users become part of the solution while freeing up SOC analyst resources to investigate high severity incidents
  • The DLP solution protects sensitive content before and after being uploaded to the cloud
  • Once in the cloud, you can leverage McAfee classifications to take further actions like revoke collaboration with external parties

In this way, McAfee Endpoint DLP customers looking to adopt cloud applications and enforce DLP can write a single set of common DLP policies that extends from the device to the cloud to provide end-to-end DLP coverage. Below is a quick demo of how McAfee Security Cloud integrates with McAfee Endpoint DLP.