How to Select the Best CASB for Your Business

By on Oct 18, 2019

The CASB market is rapidly evolving with new use cases and functionality to address the increasingly complex requirements of cloud security. The process of choosing the right CASB solution is often time consuming for enterprises who have to first understand their requirements, then cut through vendors’ statements and marketing claims. And it doesn’t end there—this is often when the fun begins with a proof of concept exercise before making the right technology investment.

To make sense of all the noise, customers often turn to third party resources like analysts report, which offer expert unbiased consultation to help organizations in the evaluation process.

CASB RFP Template

A free copy of the top 180+ RFP questions businesses are asking CASB providers to find the right cloud security solution.

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The Gartner Magic Quadrant (Link to the report) is, of course, a go-to asset used by enterprises the world over. We recently ran into this new Gartner report called “Solution Comparison for Cloud Access Security Brokers” (February 2019) part of Gartner “Security of the Cloud for Technical Professionals” research which can provide valuable insight and details about the technical capabilities of CASB vendors. In this report, that evaluates 5 vendors across 25 different criteria,

McAfee received the largest number of categories with ‘high’ rating for its MVISION Cloud solution.

We believe that this report is a great resource for any enterprise running an evaluation of CASB products.

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