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By on Sep 30, 2019

Cloud is by far the most profound technology transformation, as it represents an opportunity for enterprises to accelerate their businesses. According to the McAfee Cloud Adoption and Risk Report 2019, 87% enterprises said they experience benefits from the cloud that drive business acceleration. 41% of them attribute business growth to use of the cloud, and around 30% are able to launch new products, speed up time to market, and expand to new markets.

As much as Cloud has improved productivity, it has also posed challenges in mitigating the risks along with its adoption. MVISION Cloud helps enterprises gain visibility and place control over their cloud environment, by monitoring who, what, when, and where of cloud transactions as well as governing access, data, configuration across SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and Shadow IT cloud services. So enterprises can enjoy the agility and convenience of the cloud while focusing on growing their business.

With the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape spanning managed and unmanaged devices, corporate and non-corporate networks, internal and external users, and more, IT security teams may be faced with questions like:

    • Amongst all the security measures, where should I get started?
    • How do I keep up with the number of incidents generated?
  • Now that we have DLP enabled and have access controlled, what is next?
  • How mature is my organization in cloud security compared to peers of my industry?

To answer these questions and more, McAfee introduces the MVISION Cloud Security Advisor (Advisor). The Advisor is a portal on the MVISION Cloud platform to enable enterprises to track their cloud security progress. It provides a full set of recommendations for enterprises to prioritize efforts to implement cloud security measures.

The Advisor consists of three components:

  • Cloud Security Report is an overview of usage statistics focusing on key security metrics such as cloud footprint, incidents, data at risk, number of users, etc.
  • Cloud Security Maturity Scores and Quadrant provide visibility and control scores, each on a scale of 100, measured based on a set of cloud security metrics, and plotted on a graph to compare with industry peers.
  • Cloud Security Recommendations provide a set of prescriptive recommendations in a prioritized order for enterprises to follow and progress in cloud security. Recommendations are weighted with points based on their potential impact.

The Advisor gives enterprises the ability to track their cloud security progress over time, based on best practices derived from hundreds of enterprises across all industries. The benchmarks offered by the Advisor will guide the enterprise cloud security journey through four phases: sanctioned cloud hygiene, sanctioned cloud protection, shadow IT control, and threat protection. While all security measures of all four phases are imperative, certain visibility and control measures are recommend for cloud security practitioners to take on in an earlier phase. Following the prioritized recommendations to progress step by step will generate the highest return on CASB investments.

A CASB covers a broad spectrum of security vectors and functionalities that may overwhelm a security team. MVISION Cloud helps IT security teams monitor their cloud security progress via maturity assessment and prescriptive guidance. For more information, please check out MVISION Cloud Security Platform.

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