McAfee Announces McAfee Secure to Protect All Data Across Cloud Services

By on Aug 13, 2013

Earlier in the year we wrote about our company’s commitment to innovation, listening to customers to understand their challenges, and developing solutions that squarely address their needs.

Today, we make another down payment on our commitment as we announce the general availability of McAfee (formerly Skyhigh Networks) Secure, a comprehensive solution for protecting data in the cloud. McAfee Secure goes beyond encryption and provides other critical data security capabilities that are constantly requested by our customers. You can read about the details of McAfee Secure and the associated business value here.

McAfee Secure addresses two of the biggest concerns in the industry today: data security in the cloud and bring your own device (BYOD). What makes McAfee Secure unique is our approach to addressing these problems (i.e., the how). Almost every customer I speak with tells me they are concerned about BYOD and specifically, how they can make sure that their employees can access the corporate cloud services they love from their iPhones, Galaxies, Surfaces, and iPADs.

Traditional mobile data management (MDM) solutions require a cumbersome IT installation process, and, as one customer explained it to me, the process is like “painting the golden gate bridge, you have to start all over again as soon as you are done.“ Other approaches require IT departments to force employees to log into their corporate VPN every time they need to access a cloud service, which is a very cumbersome and fragile process. So fragile and cumbersome that they find it incentivizes employees to try and find workarounds using unregistered devices and alternate, unapproved services. Both approaches create friction, and if there is one lesson from the “consumerization of IT”, it is that employees will find a way around friction.

With McAfee Secure, we now enable secure mobile to cloud access without requiring any footprint on the device and without requiring VPN or backhaul of mobile traffic through the enterprise network. Find it hard to believe?

Finally, with the launch of McAfee Secure, we are the only company that addresses the entire cloud adoption lifecycle from discovery of cloud services, to objective, continuous risk assessment of all cloud services, to analysis of anomalous use, to comprehensive protection of corporate data in the Cloud. All without friction.

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