McAfee Contributes to Secure Cloud Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

By on Mar 19, 2019

Collaboration at work has evolved beyond email. Cloud applications allow teams to communicate in real-time, efficiently share information, collaborate on documents, and access information easily from any device. With agile, dynamic workplaces moving the way of collaboration applications, we are thrilled at McAfee to take a major step toward empowering secure collaboration in the cloud.

McAfee now provides MVISION Cloud security capabilities for Microsoft Teams. The new integration of MVISION Cloud with Teams will empower IT to seamlessly enforce data loss prevention, threat protection, and activity monitoring capabilities in the modern enterprise.

Teams is a chat-based workspace in Microsoft Office 365 that brings together people, conversations and content—along with the tools that teams need—so they can easily collaborate to achieve more. It’s integrated with the familiar Office 365 applications and is built from the ground up on the Office 365 global, secure cloud. With McAfee MVISION Cloud for Teams, companies can enforce the security capabilities they need to keep employee’s data safe, while collaborating on the Teams platform.

The Rise of Office 365 and Sensitive Data in the Cloud

No enterprise cloud service has seen more explosive growth than Office 365. For five years in a row, Office 365 has topped the list of the most popular cloud services in use in the enterprise.

Levon Esibov, Partner PM Director, Information Protection, Microsoft Teams at Microsoft said,

We’re pleased to see McAfee’s commitment to supporting and securing this ever-increasing demand. McAfee MVISION Cloud integrates with Microsoft Teams APIs—ensuring our joint customers can successfully meet key security and compliance requirements.

Guide to Office 365 Security

Learn the best practices on how enterprises are deploying and using Office 365 to meet security, compliance and governance requirements.

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A Solution Designed to Protect Cloud Collaboration

Organizations require a security solution designed specifically for collaboration tools in order to enforce standard enterprise security in the cloud. McAfee’s solution will bring its full suite of device-to-cloud security controls to Microsoft Teams.

McAfee MVision Cloud for Teams implements cloud access security broker (CASB) technology to enforce data loss prevention (DLP), threat protection, activity monitoring, and rights management from a unified cloud-native platform. MVISION Cloud Link connects to Team’s APIs to gain visibility and enforce policies based on data and user activity. MVISION Cloud Gateway enforces policies inline for data in motion, covering all users and devices without agents. Finally, the MVISION Cloud Ground Link connects between cloud and on-premises security tools.

Specifically, the MVISION Cloud solution for Teams will provide IT security teams with the following capabilities:

A unified, cloud-native security platform— MVISION Cloud CASB technology (DLP, threat protection, collaboration control, activity monitoring, access control) in a single, unified platform—offering a frictionless, cloud-native solution for organizations to consistently protect their data and defend against threats in the cloud.

Modern data security—IT can extend existing DLP policies to messages and files in all types of Teams channels, enforcing policies based on keywords, fingerprints, data identifiers, regular expressions and match highlighting for content and metadata.

Collaboration control—messages or files posted in channels can be restricted to specific users, including blocking the sharing of data to any external location.

Comprehensive remediation—enables auditing of regulated data uploaded to Microsoft Teams and remediates policy violations by coaching users, notifying administrators, quarantining, tombstoning, restoring and deleting user actions. End users can autonomously correct their actions, removing incidents from IT’s queue.

Threat prevention—empowers organizations to detect and prevent anomalous behavior indicative of insider threats and compromised accounts. McAfee captures a complete record of all user activity in Teams and leverages machine learning to analyze activity across multiple heuristics to accurately detect threats.

Forensic investigations—with an auto-generated, detailed audit trail of all user activity, McAfee MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Teams provides rich capabilities for forensics and investigations.

On-the-go security, for on-the-go policies—helps secure multiple access modes, including browsers and native apps, and applies controls based on contextual factors, including user, device, data and location. Personal devices lacking adequate control over data can be blocked from access.

Organizations using McAfee receive a single integrated solution for cloud, network, and endpoint security controls. McAfee’s CASB solution integrates with on-premises DLP, proxies, and firewalls in addition to cloud provider APIs. For example, companies securing Microsoft Teams with MVision Cloud will benefit from consistent integration across all security controls for true device-to-cloud coverage.

With enterprise-grade cloud services and a cloud-native security solution, data in the cloud can be more secure than anywhere else. We are excited to deepen our partnership with Microsoft to ensure Office 365 is one of the safest places for enterprise data.

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