Mitch Greenfield Recognized as Cybersecurity Rising Star by SC Media

By on Jan 31, 2019

Mitchell Greenfield is the associate director of enterprise information protection at Humana and was recently recognized in SC Media’s Reboot awards, which serve to identify the best and brightest cybersecurity professionals and their accomplishments. As a recipient of the 2018 Rising Star award, Greenfield is someone whose work and accomplishments have caught the attention of the industry and is someone to watch moving forward.

Below is our interview with Mitch about his recognition:

McAfee: How long have you been working in IT Security and what made you decide to pursue a career in IT security?

Mitch Greenfield: I have been in information security in one capacity or another for 12 years now. I always loved computers growing up and knew I wanted to do something with technology but never really knew what that meant overall for me. I found information security while looking for jobs while finishing grad school and have been hooked ever since!

McAfee: You have been working in IT for 15+ years and at Humana for over 10. What does it mean to you to win an award like SC Magazine’s Rising Star award?

Mitch Greenfield: It is very exciting to win this award and be recognized by my peers in this way. I always strive to work hard and understand the direction of the business and be able to support where we are going. This award helps reinforce that direction for me.

McAfee: The VP of McAfee’s Cloud Business Unit, Rajiv Gupta, said some great things about working with you:

“Mitch is dedicated to keeping Humana’s sensitive data secure while leveraging the cloud to accelerate Humana’s business. It is refreshing to work with someone like Mitch who has the maturity to differentiate the interesting from the useful, the experience to know what is important, and the innovative spirit to push the envelope and adopt new technologies.”

What has been your experience in working with him and the team at MVISION Cloud, and how has leveraging their technology helped you securely accelerate business at Humana?

Mitch Greenfield: Working with Rajiv and the MVISION Cloud team has really been helpful for Humana. They are a team that we can collaborate with and we have a built a very important partnership with. When I am working with vendors, I am always looking for people that share common goals and interest and look for feedback to build out their product. At the end of the day, I don’t build security technology, I leverage technology and partners to build a world-class program. MVISION Cloud has helped us accelerate cloud adoption by being our security partner for cloud solutions

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McAfee: What is next for you in your career?

Mitch Greenfield: Continuing to evolve our program and be more cloud centric are where I would like to see our program go. I have been with Humana for 11 years and no matter how mature we get –you can’t rest on your progress.

McAfee: What recommendations do you have for students who are looking to get into IT and cyber security?

Mitch Greenfield: Information security is an interesting intersection of IT because so much of security is driven by application and network. My best advice would be to focus on two things: DevSecOps and Cloud. Learn the practices that are required to be successful in today’s world and be fluent in Azure, AWS and GCP. This will keep you employable inside or outside of information security. Finally, make sure you have good communication skills as being able to articulate yourself is more important than ever.

Learn more about the SC Media Reboot awards.

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