Serving Agencies Demands for Cloud Security with FedRAMP

By on Sep 10, 2019

Cloud services have transformed the way organizations operate, allowing them to operate and achieve goals more efficiently and dynamically. Government agencies are no exception.

We are thrilled to announce that McAfee has been selected by the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) for the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Connect program. As a result, the McAfee MVISION Cloud portfolio is being prioritized for FedRAMP High authorization. This will allow McAfee to advance our work to help federal agencies accelerate their operations by securely enabling cloud services.

How FedRAMP & CASBs Help Agencies Comply with FITARA

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Serving Agencies with FedRAMP Authorization

FedRAMP is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services, with a goal of protecting the data of U.S. citizens in the cloud. FedRAMP administers a marketplace of approved providers to increase the use of cloud services and facilitate digital transformation across government agencies.

By attaining FedRAMP High authorization, McAfee will be able to more efficiently serve federal agencies on their path to adopt cloud services while ensuring the highest security for data and users. McAfee’s cloud access security broker (CASB) has served federal agencies for years and achieved FedRAMP Moderate Authorization in 2017. FedRAMP High authorization will pave the way for agencies to protect their workloads and data across multi-cloud FedRAMP High and DoD Impact Level 4 (IL4), IL5 and IL6 environments.

“As a leader in endpoint and cloud security, McAfee is committed to meeting the most stringent federal and DoD security requirements to protect government data and agency missions. Being a part of the FedRAMP Connect program is welcome for both the security of our McAfee MVISION Cloud platform and the demand for cloud-based security-as-a-service offerings that exist within the government.”

– Ken Kartsen, Vice President of McAfee’s U.S. Public Sector Business.

A Dedicated Cloud Security Solution for Federal Agencies

Organizations can achieve better security than ever before with cloud services. Enterprise cloud providers dedicate more resources to security than even the largest organizations. Over half of respondents in a recent cloud security survey found they experienced better security when moving to the cloud.

But improved security in the cloud does not happen automatically. Cloud customers remain responsible for key security capabilities around sensitive data and user accounts. Organizations implement a CASB to satisfy critical security requirements for cloud services, satisfying their end of the shared responsibility model for securing data in the cloud.

McAfee offers a device-to-cloud security platform designed specifically for the way organizations use cloud services. With McAfee MVISION cloud, organizations can take a cloud-native approach to security while integrating capabilities like DLP with their existing infrastructure. McAfee’s selection for the FedRAMP Connect program will help us enable federal agencies to use cloud services while meeting their strictest security and compliance requirements.

Hear from Slawomir Ligier, VP of Engineering, give a quick overview of FedRAMP Compliance achievement:

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