McAfee Joins Forces with Zscaler to bring services to Joint Customers

By on Feb 04, 2016

Cloud represents a brave new world for many organizations, and in just a few years, we’ve seen cloud adoption snowball. The average company now uses 1,154 cloud services, up 39% from 831 in the same quarter last year. Not only do IT and security teams need to adapt to the trust involved with outsourcing many elements of security to cloud providers, but they also need to adapt the security stack to extend controls to cloud traffic, which otherwise circumvents traditional security appliances. The good news is that there are new solutions, that leverage the power of cloud computing, to secure cloud services.

McAfee (formerly Skyhigh Networks) made a splash in the cloud security market as the first cloud access security broker (CASB), providing granular visibility and control into data flowing to and from the cloud. Enterprises have already made significant investments in security infrastructure, and they do not want a rip-and-replace solution to secure the cloud.

In fact, in the recently published Market Guide for Cloud Access Security Brokers, Gartner specifically calls out Enterprise Integration as a critical component of CASB functionality, stating “CASBs provide a number of critical points of integration with the environment, and these integration points play an important role in preventing enterprise security delivery from becoming yet another silo.” Fortunately, cloud services enable a seamless deployment model and can easily be configured to integrate with existing security tools. Customers can leverage existing investments in people, processes, and products to create consistent security, compliance, and governance policies.

On this note, we’re thrilled to announce a new integration with Zscaler’s cloud security platform, which delivers the highest level of security controls to stop malware before it reaches your network. This partnership enables the safe usage of cloud applications by providing visibility, malware protection, and policy enforcement across cloud services without forklifting any of your appliances.


McAfee MVISION Cloud and Zscaler

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As Dave Smoley, the CIO at AstraZeneca, says, “Our employees expect to use cloud services to share information across offices and devices, and we need to secure access to our data in these services without interrupting the user experience. With the integrated offering from McAfee and Zscaler, we can securely enable cloud services while meeting our compliance requirements and protecting sensitive corporate data and without impacting employee productivity.”

Companies will benefit from end-to-end cloud security, preventing and remediating threats including use of high risk services, malware, and insider threats. The partnership is part of Zscaler’s wider Technology Partner Program, adding CASB to an ecosystem including solutions in the areas of SIEM, IAM, MDM, security analytics, network infrastructure. In fitting with companies’ expectations of seamless, always-on security, the solution will cover cloud traffic across managed and unmanaged devices, without requiring all traffic to be backhauled using expensive MPLS connections or antiquated VPN clients.

The pre-integrated McAfee – Zscaler solution provides insight into all cloud services employees are using and actions that need to be taken to secure corporate data. For example, the pre-integrated solution offers risk assessment for 200 services across 7 attributes. Customers can subscribe to McAfee if they want risk assessments for 17,000+ services across 50+ attributes, using a framework developed in conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). This insight allows companies to detect risky shadow IT cloud services used by their employees and remediate by preventing access and coaching users towards sanctioned alternatives.

McAfee and Zscaler also enable companies to identify and block risky cloud services that go undetected by your existing security controls. Using advanced threat protection technologies – inline content inspection, including SSL, cloud sandboxing and machine learning – malware can be blocked before it reaches your network and turns your employee devices into data leaking bots.

Since the early days of cloud adoption, we’ve worked to solve the cloud dilemma, ensuring companies can enable a user-friendly IT experience without compromising security. We’re excited to partner with another innovative security company to provide complete coverage for data in the cloud.

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