Skyhigh + McAfee: A New Era in Cybersecurity

By on Nov 27, 2017

Today, we are thrilled to announce that McAfee plans to acquire Skyhigh, enabling the combined company to offer customers market-leading security capabilities on the endpoint and in the cloud to address the most significant threats that target enterprise data, applications, and infrastructure. Over the past five years, Skyhigh has pioneered and defined the cloud access security broker (CASB) category, one in which it remains a leader. Our mission is to help enterprises unleash the power of the cloud by giving them total control over their data across cloud services. With the expanded resources of McAfee, we will be able to tackle today’s security challenges on a much larger scale.

Why Skyhigh and McAfee

When my co-founders, Sekhar Sarukkai and Kaushik Narayan, and I started Skyhigh, we recognized that every enterprise’s most valuable asset, its data, was moving beyond the perimeter to a wide variety of endpoints and cloud services. This cloud and mobile-first technology landscape requires a new security stack. Other parts of the traditional stack, particularly networks, are increasingly opaque or bypassed by end users, making them ineffective as data security control points. Skyhigh was born in the cloud for securing data in cloud services, delivering a cloud-native data security solution. McAfee secures data on endpoints and delivers market-leading endpoint security solutions.

“CASBs will become a standard, critical control point every bit as much as enterprise firewalls have been over previous decades.”


But Skyhigh and McAfee’s goals are the same. We both want to create a world where enterprises can operate freely and securely to reach their full potential. As part of McAfee, we will have access to even greater resources to accelerate delivery of Skyhigh’s product roadmap, further advancing our vision of making cloud the most secure environment for business. And combined with McAfee’s endpoint security capabilities and operations center solutions with actionable threat intelligence, analytics and orchestration, we will be able to deliver a set of end-to-end security capabilities unique in the industry.

The CASB Market According to Gartner

The CASB Market According to Gartner

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How This Benefits Skyhigh Customers

At Skyhigh, we are privileged to work with many of the world’s leading organizations. We now help over 30% of the Fortune 100 securely leverage the cloud to accelerate their businesses. Learning alongside and supporting so many passionate and inspired security teams has been and continues to be incredibly rewarding. Without their feedback and input we would not have one of the world’s leading cloud security products. We remain maniacally committed to our customers’ success. If you’re a current customer you’ll find that not much will change except you’ll see more resources and acceleration in product innovation. If you’re not a customer yet, I encourage you to see for yourself what Skyhigh + McAfee can do for you.

How This Benefits Skyhigh Partners

Our partners have played a critical role in making Skyhigh a category-defining solution. You have helped define the cloud security use cases that matter to our shared customers, you have helped share the value of Skyhigh with your customers, and you have inspired us to build great products that help our customers accelerate their businesses through the secure adoption of cloud. I am incredibly excited to accelerate this journey through the combination of Skyhigh + McAfee, leveraging greater resources to invest in our product roadmap and deliver an end-to-end security solution to accelerate our customers’ success in the marketplace.

Closing Thoughts

Given our vision and cultural alignment, complementary product portfolios, and McAfee’s commitment to our team, I truly could have not have asked for a better partner for Skyhigh going forward. My co-founders, Kaushik, Sekhar and I, together with the management team, remain as excited and committed as ever about the opportunity in front of us and I hope you are too. I can’t wait to see what we will achieve together.

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