Top Findings from the Cloud Adoption & Risk Report: Business Growth Edition

By on Jun 19, 2019

It’s time to quantify the business value of the cloud. We hear from countless customers that their ability to securely enable company-wide cloud initiatives has a transformational impact to their businesses. In our latest edition of the Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, we look at the results of a new global survey, combined with our own insight into billions of cloud events we anonymize and aggregate from our own live environment to put data behind this experience. First:

87% of enterprises experience business acceleration from their use of cloud services.

That’s almost everyone. If you’re wondering, we evaluated business acceleration as experiencing one of the following benefits from using cloud services:

  1. More efficient collaboration
  2. Improved employee productivity
  3. Business growth
  4. Faster time to market
  5. Higher employee satisfaction
  6. Ability to launch new products
  7. Expansion to new markets

How much of each of those is happening? Here’s what we found:

In this view we’re showing all benefits we asked about, accelerants to business and beyond, however you can see that the commercially beneficial impacts are widespread. We often think about the shift to cloud for the leading impacts here – higher performance infrastructure and IT cost reduction. Those are important. Less obvious is the ability to use a cloud environment like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure to develop and launch new products. Or increase employee satisfaction with services like Box or Office 365. In the report we look at companies who specifically use infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and the difference in benefits they experience, which I’ve just alluded to. Check out the full report for that analysis.

Cloud Adoption and Risk Report: Business Growth Edition

In this edition, we analyze the growth factors companies are experiencing with the cloud, and how adoption leaders are addressing risk to move faster than the rest.

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Some of the most interesting findings in this study came from our dive into how security practices impacted business performance for companies using the cloud. First, it was encouraging to see that 52% of companies stated security was improved in the cloud.  We know that most of the time, cloud service providers like AWS and Microsoft have much higher security budgets that the customers they serve. That appears to be paying off, and shows a stark contrast to the initial fears many companies had as cloud services first entered the market, where trust was lower in cloud provider security.

The concept many companies are still struggling with is the notion of shared responsibility, and what specifically they are supposed to do for security in the cloud. We can clear the air here and state firmly that how you use cloud services, including your data is your security responsibility.

Companies who understand this, and are taking proactive steps to secure their data in the cloud are getting more out of their cloud investments. They are using more services, building more apps, and importantly, more likely to experience business acceleration from the cloud.

The jump is dramatic. Here we’ve cut to only the forces of business acceleration defined above, and shown those benefits correlated to those who use a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) to protect their data in the cloud.

The likelihood of each is higher, and dramatic for commercial benefits like business growth, time to market, launching new products, and more. This is why we’re excited to work with companies like yours every day to drive these kind of results. Just check out our case studies for a few examples. We hope the results we’ve shared here, and the rest in the report help you understand the potential you can gain from your use of cloud services with the right security strategy applied to them. Download it here

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