Berkshire Health Systems Adopts Protect-Detect-Correct Strategy With McAfee

By on May 26, 2016

Paul Doucette, the senior technical security engineer at Berkshire Health Systems, thrives on challenge. “Our biggest security priority is protecting our sensitive business data,” he says. “What keeps me coming back to the office every day is the thrill of being able to detect new threats and correct them before they turn into problems.”

Doucette has an important ally in the fight: McAfee. Berkshire Health, a regional healthcare provider based in Pittsfield, Mass., has deployed an integrated suite of McAfee solutions including McAfee Total Endpoint Protection with McAfee Data Loss Prevention, McAfee Complete Data Protection – Advanced with Endpoint Encryption, McAfee Site Advisor Enterprise, and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager  (SIEM).

For Berkshire, a large selling point in selecting McAfee as a security provider is the centralized management and control found through McAfee ePO. From a single dashboard, Doucette’s team is able to view the entire security ecosystem and manage policies for all of their 51,000 endpoints across 20 locations. The SIEM capabilities are also a huge benefit, helping the security team identify and correlate events that weren’t visible before.

With large-scale breaches and attacks growing worldwide, Berkshire Health has shifted its security priorities to a more proactive approach based on protection, detection, and correction. The integrated security framework provided by McAfee enables Doucette and his team to leverage people, processes, and technology to extend maximum protection for their growing environment.

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