Prominent Mexican University Amps Security With McAfee

By on Sep 15, 2016

The Universidad de Las Américas (University of the Americas or UDLAP) in Puebla, Mexico, is one of Latin America’s most prestigious universities. And just like colleges of all sizes across the global, UDLAP recognizes that one of its greatest security threats comes from outside devices connecting to the school’s network via Wi-Fi. The number of connected devices is staggering—upwards of 40,000 student-and-faculty-owned laptops, smartphones, and tablets access the UDLAP network every day.

As UDLAP’s Chief Information Officer, Fernando Thompson de la Rosa faces a wide range of IT challenges daily. Topping the list is protecting the university from a growing range of cyberthreats. He explains that user education is at the core of UDLAP’s security strategy, as well as widespread visibility and early detection. “We need to be able to see and understand what is going on across our networks and be able to respond as quickly as possible to threats,” he says.

To combat these threats, UDLAP has a powerful ally:McAfee. The university relies on McAfee® Complete Endpoint Protection for Business for antivirus and antispyware protection, web filtering, host intrusion prevention, and disk, file, and folder encryption—all managed from the McAfee ePO™ central management console. And recently, UDLAP has added McAfee’s SIEM solution, Enterprise Security Manager, to provide greater visibility and control across the university’s vast infrastructure. The university has also implemented McAfee® Advanced Correlation Engine to identify and score threat events in real-time, using both rules and risk-based logic. Finally, McAfee® Global Threat Intelligence (McAfee GTI) delivers a constantly updated, rich feed of threat intelligence data.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager has dramatically improved UDLAP’s ability to protect, detect, and correct future cyberthreats, giving de la Rosa’s team the ability to review and analyze a huge amount of data in a shorter time frame. Alerts are triggered sooner, allowing the team to detect and respond to suspicious incidents faster, and McAfee GTI helps prioritize incidents and determine risk levels. Thompson de la Rosa adds, “McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine is a magnificent tool. It provides a ton of intelligence about what is happening in our networks.”

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