Upcoming McAfee Tech Talk on Web Protection and Data Loss Prevention

By on Sep 12, 2016

How Effective is Your Web Security? Evolving Your Internet Defense Strategy
Whether it’s a link clicked in a phishing email, or drive-by download from a malicious advertisement – the internet is responsible for more security incidents than any other source of attack. Most organizations still rely on the old model of URL filtering to protect their most critical assets. And in this day and age— that’s just not enough.

Adding AV scanning to internet traffic doesn’t solve the problem, since 70-90% of malware samples are unique to an organization and slip right through. In this session, Tim Roddy, Head of Product Management for Web Gateway technology at McAfee, will discuss how to evolve your web security to prevent zero-day, sophisticated malware in milliseconds while users surf. Additionally he will explore the critical integration points to drive efficiency in your security ecosystem.

Stay Out of Tomorrow’s Data Breach Headline! What’s New with McAfee DLP 10?
The cost of a data breach has increased 23% over the past two years. Organizations are struggling to implement effective data protection policies governing the flow and use of their data across endpoints, network and cloud. According to a recent data exfiltration study conducted by McAfee, about 43% of breaches were initiated by insiders – whether they were accidental or malicious. With the rapid adoption of Cloud applications and mobile devices in corporate environments, it is more important than ever to safeguard vital data residing in these risky locations. In this session, Cindy Chen, Senior Product Marketing Manager, will discuss how the latest McAfee DLP features can help you increase your visibility and control over your sensitive data residing in risky locations.

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