Can your Security Distinguish a Candle from a Fire?

By on Aug 07, 2018

We’ve all heard it – a smoke detector that goes off with only the slightest of prompts. Light a candle and listen to it go off. Cook (or overcook) a meal, and the beeping sends you running to make sure there isn’t a fire. You of course know that a lit candle and sizzling food are not dangerous, but your smoke detector acts the same as if a five-alarm fire is in progress.

I doubt many of us would keep such an annoying device for very long right? Yet when it comes to endpoint security, some seem content to overlook false alarms and the inaccuracy of their defenses. To be fair, these problems often don’t surface until after you’ve made a purchase and the vendor has convinced you the benefits outweigh any potential downside. Still, that doesn’t remove the wasted time and lost productivity caused by a high number of false positive detections.

So how do you know whether your vendor (or potential vendor) is going to be able to tell a candle from a fire, or a good application from a malicious one? You could set up a test environment and see the results for yourself, but a far easier way is to consider testing by third-parties. AV-Comparatives is one of these third-party testing organizations who has just released their findings for Business Security products tested in the first half of the year. The test examined active real-world malware threats, common business malware and performance, including false positive detections.

McAfee Endpoint Security was certified as an Approved Business Product with a perfect protection rate and “Very low” false positives. 

This product is undoubtedly powerful, and as part of a wider McAfee managed platform it offers a lot.”

To be certified as an “Approved Business Product” by AV Comparatives, the tested products must score at least 90% in the Malware Protection Test, and at least 90% in the overall Real-World Protection Test (over the course of four months), with zero false alarms on common business software. Others in the test did not do as well and were not as consistent in performance in each area resulting in missed threats, and high or very high false positive rates.

It is also worth noting that McAfee Endpoint Security was one of the few vendors in the test with performance rated as “very fast” in all but one tested area of performance (which was still rated as fast by the way). Sometimes better accuracy comes at the cost of performance, but as this test demonstrates, that is not a sacrifice you’ll have to make with McAfee.

The results of this test aren’t an isolated incident either. AV has tested McAfee for some time and they have found that:

  • McAfee Endpoint Security scored the highest protection scores for the past year
  • McAfee achieved a near perfect usability score for the past year

Is it time you spent less time on false positives and more on actual threats? Do you want to get accuracy without sacrificing speed or performance? Then maybe it’s time to try an endpoint security solution that has a proven nose for spotting a real fire instead of a candle.

Learn more about how McAfee Endpoint Security offers a single point of visibility, comprehension, and control across all your devices.

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