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By on May 31, 2018

It’s the security weaknesses you don’t know about or the next zero-day threat that keeps most of us up at night. That’s why when it comes to testing for effectiveness against threats, it’s critical to look at how a defense works to combat current, real world samples. After all, you need to know how your defenses work against the lion in the wild, not the one in the zoo.

Like a lion in the wild, malware designers watch and look for vulnerabilities in their prey. Similar to the older gazelle at the back of the pack is the zero-day vulnerability that has yet to be patched. So how can you find out if your Endpoint Security is ready for the attack you don’t know is coming?

In a recent test by AV-Comparatives, McAfee Endpoint Security achieved high marks, most notably in the category of real world threats. In fact, it was one of only 3 products to detect 100% of the threats it was presented with. This is largely because of the dual nature of McAfee’s machine learning analysis which looks at what a suspected threat looks like and how it behaves. Integrated with the other layers of McAfee Endpoint Security, threats that attempt to evade detection by masking their appearance will not be able to hide how they behave from dynamic AI analysis.

AV-Comparatives also found that McAfee scored its best false positive rate for malware detection. In particular zero false positives were detected for common business files. That means even more accuracy to ensure you not only detect what others could miss, you also won’t spend time investigating incorrect findings and your users won’t be prevented from working with legitimate files and applications.

So what kind of lion are you preparing for? The one in the zoo, or the wild hunter waiting to pounce? With McAfee Endpoint Security, you can be confident that the vulnerabilities you don’t know about don’t become the opening attackers can leverage. Instead, your environment is defended by a well-coordinated pack.

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