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A Brand New McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange 1.2!

In their recent 2015 Global Business Technographics® Security Survey, Forrester reports that improving threat intelligence capabilities is a top priority for 71% of enterprises. But enterprises don’t need to improve their ability to gather threat intelligence—the abundance of shared intelligence and threat inputs is already overwhelming for security teams. Operationalizing ...

Endpoint Security Security Operations

Defending Against Ransomware with McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange

In a blog last week, I discussed CryptoLocker, a particularly nefarious family of ransomware, and how to defend against it. I thought it would be worthwhile to demonstrate how McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange can detect and stop malware like ransomware, even if the suspicious file has not been flagged as ...

Endpoint Security Security Operations

Progress Report: Critical Security Controls Adoption

This blog was written by Barbara Kay. Today the SANS Institute released its survey on adoption of the Top 20 Critical Security Controls (CSCs) for Effective Cyber Defense. It’s a worthwhile read for CISOs and security analysts charged with overseeing security and risk management. The survey documents adoption highlights and hurdles, ...

Endpoint Security Security Operations

Understanding The Ever-Changing Security Landscape

Since starting my career at McAfee in 2002, I have seen so many changes within the company and the security industry at large. New technologies have transformed the relationship between enterprises, their employees, and their critical systems—for better or for worse. And in my role overseeing McAfee’s Security Management business, ...

Endpoint Security Security Operations

Thinking Outside of the Sandbox: McAfee Advanced Threat Defense Unveiled

It’s always a great day when you can share something so innovative that it will surely change the game in the industry. Today, at the McAfee FOCUS 2013 conference, McAfee and my team announced the development and launch of McAfee Advanced Threat Defense – the newest addition to our Security ...

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